My Current Views About God, Relgion, JWs and Life In General

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  • Crazyguy

    Someone posted on YouTube a bunch of thing that Jesus said or taught that pretty much against what his father said. One example don't eat blood, eat my blood, so yes he's a true apostate.

    Anyway your right about one thing for sure, man has had laws put into place that show thier morality over the god of the Bible way before the Bible. Negative confessions from Egypt and Hammurabi's laws both way before Abraham and the Bible.

  • millie210

    Good OP.

    I like your take on Rutherford, Pale. The whole post is good but that part especially resonates with me.

    The entire religion seems to have gone in a worse direction when he took control.

    Funny the JWs distance themselves from Russell but not from "The Judge." (sarcasm intended)

  • unsure


    Great, logical points.

    On my "hopeful" days; days when I pray to whomever may be out there to reveal themselves to me, I do so out of pure faith, not based on any concrete evidence that their is anybody out there listening. I stand to be corrected, but up until this point, there is nothing to base my hope on.

    If a god ever did communicate with humans - these 3 things would be absolutely true.

    1. It would be Indisputable. No one would doubt the message was from a deity.

    2. It would be Unambiguous. Everyone would know exactly what was being said and asked. You would not have every third person interpret it in their own way.

    3. It would be Globally Accepted.


    Great post. That is the way I feel as expressed in my thread "There is evidence of a Creator if you just look for it", except your post is much more succinct then mine haha.

  • waton

    a like. well said.

  • OnTheWayOut
    Therefore, if God does exist, it's not worthy of my attention.

    That's really enough to know. I am way past "IF God does exist" but any negative cannot be absolutely proven, so your thought is sufficient.

    Jesus could have been invented out of thin air or exaggerated from a real person. It matters not.

    I believe Paul's Christianity would have been similar to Buddhism- accept what you want, reject any of the myths if you must, accept that the overall goal is goodness. But something happened along the way, perhaps at the First Council of Nicea. Christianity became a "state" religion and became a force for no good. When people want to argue anything about Jesus or Christianity, we can always fall back on "
    Therefore, if God does exist, it's not worthy of my attention."

    I like your thoughts on being responsible for ourselves and our morals being above that of the gods.

    "Sin" is an invention of religion. Sin is addressed by appeasing the religion by some kind of sacrifice (typically- money) There are things that are right and wrong, moral and immoral- but you need religion to turn it into sin.

  • pale.emperor

    I can totally see why ancient people would see a pretty lake or a majestic mountain top and want to ascribe a god or goddess to them. In their primitive way it was a way of showing reverence to something wonderful and beautiful that would outlive them all.

    I can relate more to the ancient Greeks with their pantheon of gods that are neither benevolent or inherently good. They're selfish, playful and at times wrathful. Living for their own pleasures and literally playing chess with us humans. I can see why they'd create gods like that because each one is an exaggeration of human nature. We have the lustful satyrs ravishing who they please, Zeus putting it about everywhere and having affairs, Hades keeping the dead etc

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  • ttdtt


    Yea it took a while to come to those conclusion - though they are slap you in the face obviously.

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