Censuring medicine and information; our new culture.

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  • joey jojo
    joey jojo


    It doesnt matter how many CAPS you use, or how often you use an exclamation mark- it doesnt make what you say accurate.

    Another unfounded , ivermectin rant that wouldnt be complete without mention of Fauci and Trump, the CDC and unsubstantiated claims of payouts to doctors to keep it all quiet and let people die.

    Just like the O.P. that stated, ' 63 studies that prove ivermectins efficacy in all stages of treating covid19' , without any link at all to that claim, which is just a copy and paste of a twitter post.

    This is typical of the 'fact-checking' and 'research' that we've come to expect from people that have allowed political preferences and skepticism to become their delusion.

    Is it a cry for help because the world isnt giving you the attention you crave at the moment?

  • resolute Bandicoot
  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    @joey jojo: In other post I've already posted to NIH websites with Ivermectin studies. At this point it's just willful ignorance if you think these studies don't exist.

  • carla

    LV101, excellent post! Yes, there are many studies showing the efficacy of both ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. If you are truly interested and willing to have an inquiring mind you can find these studies. The arrogance, censorship and corruption in the US kills more than covid ever could by itself with no treatments.

    Ivermectin is considered an essential medicine by WHO and won a Nobel prize for it in 2015. It has been given nearly 4 billion doses since 1996 (or there about) and is considered as safe as aspirin, can be given to pregnant women and children. It has saved many lives, eyesight, etc....Do some research on it.

    Why are some overdosing on it? They cannot get ivermectin pills for humans so they went out and got the horse paste. The only problem with that is you must pay very close attention to your weight and the dosage. If those cases are even true about the horse paste overdoses.

    If memory serves, nearly 20% of all pharma meds in the US are used 'off label'. Meaning your dr can prescribe any drug for a different reason than the drug was intended if he/she deems it necessary and helpful. It is done everyday in the US and elsewhere. Well, that is before the government decided to be the 'doctor' and tell doctors how to practice medicine, how to label deaths and so forth, but only with covid. Cancer, brain surgery, etc... carry on, we feel you are bright enough to practice medicine as you see fit.

    Speaking of death counts, there many doctors and nurses coming out as whistleblowers saying they are required to label all deaths as covid even if it was a heart attack or accident. There is quite a difference between falling off you ladder and dying with covid than dying of covid. So we don't even know what the real numbers are for deaths of covid.

    There are a couple protocols that have been very effective to keep people out of the hospital and off respirators. Here are a few- https://covid19criticalcare.com/covid-19-protocols/



    Some may be reluctant to order ivermectin or hydroxy. online, I know I was. I ordered ivermectin, hydroxy. , budecort inhaler and doxycycline. They came from India and one batch came from elsewhere. The first came in about a week and a half the other batch took about 3 weeks. It is best to have on hand before you or loved ones get sick. So far they have not stolen my credit card number and everything seems on the up and up. All looks like I just got them from Walgreen's. I am not suggesting you do the same, just telling my experience in ordering. If you decide to order google something on the order of 'generic drugs without a prescription'. I don't think I will need it because I believe I had covid even before it hit the news and therefore have natural immunity. Yes, natural immunity is best. There are some reports that you are more likely to get delta if you have had the experimental Mrna gene therapy jab.

    The censorship is what is also killing people. People cannot make informed decisions without have full disclosure. Just like the jw's who don't (didn't in past pre covid times) give full disclosure at the doors. If a jw was truthful at the doors he/she would have said something like this- would you like to join our organization? the following are just a few things that will be required of you- give up all holidays, no blood, limit outside relationships, no looking at any information that we deem negative about our group, we also like to know your bedroom habits with your spouse and will police that, how you wear your hair, make up, and clothing. We will require you to knock on doors a certain number of hours each week and your presence is required at meeting/fs so you will need to dedicate about 30 hours a week in study and other jw activities. One little side note, if you commit any thing we consider a sin or brazen actions we will shun you and you will lose all your new friends and any family you might have gotten to join you. How about it? ready to get dunked?

    When doctors and nurses are quitting their jobs, coming out as whistleblowers that most if not all of their patients have been fully vaccinated doesn't that make one think? hmm, I wonder what they are seeing that the general public is not. These are usually very dedicated people who love their jobs and feel real responsibility toward their patients.

    The vaccine makers have already stated that you may still get covid, you can still spread covid if you get the vaccine. The only thing it may do is that you might not get as sick. May and might. What is the point then when there are other treatments available? For those who say it is some sort of civic duty are not being truthful when you can still spread it even if you have been vaccinated. If you get the jab it is for you and no one else.

    Follow the money.

  • Vidqun

    Cases in Vermont, already at record levels for the state, just keep on rising, even with the highest vaccination rate in the country — 89% of the 18+ population is at least partially vaccinated, 88% of 12+ & ~100% of seniors.


  • was a new boy
    was a new boy
    'BREAKING: Pfizer Scientist Nick Karl Confronted By James O'Keefe Over Shocking 'Natural Immunity' Admission'


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