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  • blondie

    Paragraph 15 - "The disciples did not comprehend this vital point and later asked the resurrected Jesus: “Are you restoring the kingdom to Israel at this time?” Jesus, however, chose not to reveal any more details at that time." (Acts 1:6,7)

    False! Jesus was not withholding the information until a later date, because he bluntly told them that such knowledge and information belonged only to the Father. Jesus himself didn't know - so how could he choose "not to reveal any more details?" (Matthew 24:36)

    Excellent point, Listener! simple and to the point.

  • tor1500

    Hi All,

    I don't remember on this site who says it best....It's a cult...Yes, & I'm a member....trying to hold on .....

    What've found's not the doctrine, right or wrong, they are happy that the org. admits they are wrong, as a matter of fact a sister at the meeting said just that. She is happy to belong to an org. that can admit they are wrong. What many have to realize, not all, but most witnesses are socially inept. Most of them have this vacant look in there eyes...Ever hear birds of a feather flock together...I'm not perfect, but I'm not mental. Most of them have a mental issue, they don't focus...they don't remember anything....But you can show them from the scriptures they are dead wrong, but you know why the majority are there..."IT'S GOD'S ORGANIZATION". That's is right there...that's why the majority stay, knowing that the imperfect men can steer them wrong. They have an elitist gene...even if they were to be in another church, they would be like those folks who like to sit up front in the pews. Many don't feel worthy, so because they belong to God's Appointed Org. this is what validates them. Even though some are educated, there is still something missing in their brains...I'm in the hall, out in service...spend time with them & this is what I see. I don't spend too much time with them because....I'll be like them...& I'm fighting like heck....

    So the bottom line folks...they don't care if the org. is not inspired & infallible....because it would never occur to them to if you are not inspired & are you feeding us & by whom...

    It also would never occur to them that the org. is building & building & building...Warwick is the state of the art construction...yet, we are in the last why build ? One sister said, well, they are looking to the future, I slid in there (in my own funny way), what's the sense of building & we are in the last days...guess what folks ? It went right over her head...Yet, they tell us to simplify our lives...I'm not supposed to buy a new 100 inch. TV, but it's ok for them to have an orchestra, big screen TV's etc....

    So again folks, don't bother to try to show them that their doctrine is wrong, that doesn't even worry them in the least...They belong to God's appointed org. & oh, another validation...they are carrying Jehovah's a wife who is carrying the name of her proud...I'm such & such wife...that blows up their skirt...

    By the way, Jehovah, isn't that a Jewish name...isn't God the God of all nations...

    Again, leave the witnesses alone....God will reveal it in his own time...don't think they can keep the ARC a secret for very much longer...


  • Crazyguy

    To go along with Ttdtt post ask your father to show you a scripture where god lies to his people as a make wait until later when he then stops missleading them and tells them the truth. He will never find it.

    One other piont ask your father if it was ok for brothers back in the early 1970,s to sell thier homes and business and donate the money to the organization because they were told the end would happen in 1975. Then the organization takes that money and buys real estate in New York expanding thier real estate holdings.

  • Landy
    hate to be a debbie downer but there is NO reasoning with these people. We have tried. Unfortunately, they will label you as weak, you have no faith and label you an apostate. It is sad but true. I used to stress myself out by trying to make points with these people, to no avail. I go for a walk, enjoy a sunset or just enjoy time with my family. Much less stressful.

    He might be a Debbie downer but he's right.

    Find something more productive and interesting to do.

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