There's TrueBlood and Then There's TrueMod

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  • Hadriel

    Just want to take a moment and mention how exceptional the moderator is here @Simon. Been on many many forums and you'll be pressed to find a more fair person. He creates a safe environment where the chicanery is a minimum. It's true my experience here is minimal however it is vast in the tech world and the world of forums.

    Simon has proven to be very fair. When things get out of hand or on the cusp of erupting I've seen him close threads to prevent unnecessary comments. Some might take offense to this but this is rather prudent moderating in my experience.

    I don't know Simon other than his handle. We've had opposing perspectives. He's closed threads I've started as I mentioned above. I've never spoken to him and have no way of contacting him outside of this experience. This is not a case of love bombing someone for the same of doing it. This is a case of showing appreciation where it's due.

    Honestly I don't think it's appreciated what we have here.

    What can you do to show appreciation?

    Throw the guy a bone and click some ads. It's good to remember that users come and go. At first many are gun ho but then get on with life. Sort of a natural progression I would imagine. So while you're here every so often click on some ads. it helps. As Simon will more than attest a simple bug or minor issue you might see could take many many hours to track down at times. Supporting the site in this way helps keep it around for the next group.

    We all have differing opinions on various matters. That's entirely o.k.! In fact it's really great. The other day the thread I put up had some excellent perspectives I hadn't thought of. Guess what your voice was heard! The contrary though where it becomes baiting helps no one. It makes all of us look bad actually.

    Enough with the infighting, baiting, diatribes and general bashing simply because you disagree.

    A very wise tech mogul said to me in the 90's "Don't make a point, make a productive contribution".

    There's a good post on forum behavior here. I think it might be a good review. It was for me.

  • Simon

    I appreciate the intention but please DON'T click on ads unless you are genuinely interested in the service or product being advertised. It is against Adsense rules to solicit ad clicks and a waste of time anyway as they get discounted.

    Moderating a forum that caters for ex-members of a controlling religious organization and allows political discussion. It's a wonder there aren't any deaths, let alone that we all occasionally get on as well as we do.

    Not everyone will like the rules or how we apply them. Some want perfection which is never going to happen (while I'm around, LOL)

    We do our best and appreciate everyone who can understand the intentions even if they don't agree with every decision.


  • Hadriel
    ...well of course I thought the genuineness of the "click" was implied, what you say is absolutely true though I should have mentioned that my bad.
  • freddo

    Hadriel wins the "I brung the shiny-est apple for da teecher!" award.

    j/k Hadriel - Simon does a very good job indeed.

  • Hadriel
    @freddo nothing like that, I don't know Simon from Adam. I'm in the biz and I know a decent Mod when I see one. Simple as that.
  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    @Simon, Thanks for running this forum!

    @Hadriel, well said.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Agree with the sentiments in the OP.

    Simon & the other moderators do a very good job.

    It's easy to forget this or take this for granted, so thanks, Simon.

  • Diogenesister

    Hadriel grow up.... You tried to throw your weight around and make threats on exjwreddit and because they are fair enough to listen to both sides of the story you are pissed.

    your behaviour is extremely transparent.

  • KateWild

    I agree Simon is great....even if he called me a drama queen in another thread. He is still someone I respect for spending so much time on this site to support ex JWs.

    I couldn't cope without JWN. hahaha love it

    Diog......I couldn't agree more

    Kate xx

  • Hadriel

    @freddo figured I should make it official, now that I look at it, it did come off a bit love-bomb-ish :)

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