Having Jehovah as a friend.

by Darkknight757 25 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • antes8080
    He is a great friend, when you talk to him he doesn't talk back.
  • zeb
    When ever I hear anyone say that J is my friend I cringe as it usually is a precursor to them being dfd. I have seen this too often.
  • JW_Rogue
    I really hated it when they would go on about a relationship with Jehovah. Or they would say you have to "make Jehovah real to you". If he is real and the almighty God of the universe then it should be obvious. Why should I work so hard to "make him real"? What they are really saying is that this is a delusion that you must fool your mind into believing.
  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Having Jehovah as a friend.

    Some friendships (like a bad marriage) only survive due to long distances and or complete non-communication on on the part of one or both parties.

  • smiddy

    Marriage partners that do not communicate , eventually fail .

    Intelligent worshipers of God , who do not get feedback from him , need to get a life ,he is obviously not interested in you.

    No communication with humanity and God for 2000 years ? Either God does not care or God does not exist .

    Actually because he hasn`t contacted anybody these past 2000 years he isn`t interested in anybody . or worse he never existed except in the minds of men .


  • Darkknight757

    JW_Rogue you make a good point. Never thought of it that way before. It shouldn't be so hard to make someone real who is in fact a real personage. The only logical conclusion as smiddy brought out is that he either, A. Isn't interested in humanity or B. Doesn't exist.

    Seriously the bible more and more seems to be nothing but a piece of literature that is used as a weapon to enslave humanity.

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