What’s with Pastor Russell and Miracle Wheat ?

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    Hi all,

    I have researched Pastor Russell and Miracle Wheat , has any one found out some interesting information? It seems he sold the wheat at a premium and promised 5 x yield ? He denies selling - as he did not know , but he is a snake oil salesman.

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    I enjoyed several posts that Ilovettatt2 wrote about it a few years ago. This is just one of them.

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    The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, September 24, 1911

    Claims for 'Miracle' Wheat Not Merited, Sept. 24, 1911 - Sen-: Sen-: CLAIMS TOR 'MiCLE' WHEAT NOT...

  • Wild_Thing

    Brooklyn Daily Eagle, September 22, 1911

     - II FOR 'MIRACLE' WHEAT L Offered the Faithful...

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    Brooklyn Daily Eagle, September 25, 1911

     - of exam-Jnera Com- incor-..porrior Brokers Ask...

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    Adjusting for inflation (buying power is the key valuation for money)
    Sixty Dollars per bushel back then is approximately the same as
    $1,461.62 today.

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    The famous PYRAMID tombstone for Pastor Russell was designed by the same Brother Bohnet who conducted the funeral. It is Bohnet who offered to donate the famous wheat to the Watch Tower.

    In 1905 a Watchtower booklet called "Features of the Plan of God" is written by J. A. Bohnet.

    Bohnet's 1910 letter to the Russell in the Watchtower:

    The Watch Tower, October 1, 1910, page 307

    Two grains of this wheat were given to the Editor, who, in turn, handed them to a brother in the Truth, who reported that the two grains produced 1,312, which, planted, produced five pounds -- one grain having fifty stools of well-developed stalks or straws. The brother planted the miracle wheat alongside of some ordinary wheat, and reports that the miracle wheat heads are from three to five inches long and from three to five grains to the mesh, whereas with the common wheat the heads are from two to three inches in length.

    Another brother obtained some of the miracle wheat and, out of the first crop, presented the Editor a peck of the same. This was entrusted to another brother, a farmer, who has just handed the Editor $100 proceeds therefrom, with the following report: --

    As you remember, I secured also a peck of the miracle wheat from a brother in the Truth as a donation to yourself (because he first heard of the miracle wheat through THE WATCH TOWER).

    Brother Kuesthardt advertised the wheat in his paper, and the money sent you is the result of the sales at $1 per pound.

    Your brother in Christ,

    J. A. BOHNET

    The Watchtower Bible & Tract Society of New York, located at 25 Columbia Heights in Brooklyn, New York was incorporated in 1909 in the State of New York as a Private Company, by Charles Taze Russell and several of his followers.
    Previously they incorporated as the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society under the laws of Pennsylvania as a Nonprofit corporation under the date of December 15, 1884.

    The United States Investment Co. Ltd. was incorporated June 24, 1896, in Pittsburg, PA.

    From the records in Pittsburg:

    "'Article 1. Names of Subscribers: John A. Bohnet, Ernest C. Henninges, Chas. T. Russell.

    "'Amount Subscribed by Each: Bohnet $5.00; Henninges $5.00; Russell $990.00.

    "'Article 3. For purpose of buying and selling real estate, patent rights, stocks, bonds, and other securities, merchandise, building homes, etc.

    "'Article 4. Name of Association is U.S. Investment Co., Ltd.

    "'Article 6. Officers--… C. T. Russell, Manager.'
    Russell needed two "straw men" to make up the required number of three for incorporation. One would assume he would choose two men that he could trust. Note the name John A. Bohnet and the date of 1896.

    (Note: the 3rd man in the above document ended up marrying Rose Ball and moving her to Australia before the famous divorce trial in which Maria Russell claimed her husband had been intimate with the young woman.)

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    Mix together ignorance with the willingness to sell, speculation and sensationalism and you have much of the comprised endeavors of C T Russell.

    Selling Jesus's return was another one his personal endeavors, which ended up creating the JW religion.

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