Why does Antoine Leiris' powerful tribute to his wife, killed by ISIS in the Paris attacks, bother me so much?

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  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Why does it bother you/ me? Perhaps his noble words could not contrast more with the anti-human depravity of Islamic terrorism.

    The gut political reaction is for reprisals... which M Leiris is not espousing...how can more deaths correct the ignorance of religious criminality?

    ISEL is an anarchic would-be theocracy born of an Islamic dream. Revenge and death to unbelievers are at its foundations. It was nurtured in poverty, religious superstition, poor education and paradisaic hope. (familiar parallels?) Faith in the supremacy and vindication of its invisible god blindly propels its followers to place 'mere' human life lower than its religious ideals, justifying beheadings and mayhem.

    Fundamentalist Islamic belief has fostered among the marginalised, the psychopathic and the criminal elements like Abdulhamid Abaaoud the glory of being culture heroes... something which ordinary life would not have granted them.

    Isn't the real answer to work towards the elimination of world poverty and full secular education for all?

  • mana11

    So Sad for his loss,, but,

    One person mentioned; he is part of the solution?. a pacifist approach to his wife being killed will somehow defeat ISIS?. Am i correct in understanding this is what you mean?. How naive to think such a thing.

    NEVER would such a misguided approach affect ISIS... it only but strengthens their resolve that the west is WEAK!, Soft, and an easy target.

    At least he is still alive and has power to seek justice for her death,

    I wonder what his thoughts would be if instead of being killed his wife was captured a sex slave for ISIS?.

    These women and Girls have had their men killed so that they cannot be rescued or justice be sought on their behalf.

    ISIS Enshrines a Theology of Rape - The New York Times

    Aug 14, 2015 - The systematic rape of women and girls from the Yazidi religious minority .... even more than Christians and Jews, who are considered to have ...

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    Aug 27, 2015 - Since then, women and children – most of whom are Christians and Yazidis – have been brutally raped, tortured and sold as sex slaves for an ...

    Yazidi sex slave who claims she was raped by 'American ...

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    Sep 24, 2015 - Yazidi sex slave claims she was raped by ' white American ISIS jihadi' in Syria .... Below are the prices for Yazidi and Christian women.

    ISIS Claimed Raping Yazidi Girls Made Them Muslim ...

    Oct 9, 2015 - ISIS Claimed Raping Yazidi Girls Made Them Muslim ... “blends elements of Islam, Judaism and Christianity with even more ancient practices, ...

    ISIS Leader Repeatedly Raped US Hostage Kayla Mueller ...

    The Christian Post
    Aug 15, 2015 - She got a chance to escape along with two Yazidi girls but she refused to join them lest her ... By Anugrah Kumar , Christian Post Contributor.

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    Jul 9, 2015 - Yazidi Women Describe Horrific Rapes at Hands of ISIS Jihadists ... The Christian Post previously reported on the torture of Yazidi girls and ...

    ISIL Raping Yazidis & Catholic Girls. Rape is a War Crime ...

    The Yazidi religion is indigenous to Kurdistan, and Yazidis themselves are ... By October, 2014, the raping and sale of Yazidi, Christian and other non-Muslim ...

    Yazidis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Yazidi accounts of creation differ from that of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. ..... Yazidi girls in Iraq allegedly raped by ISIL fighters have committed suicide by ...

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    Aug 28, 2015 - Newsletter #182 — Persecution of Christians and Rape of Yazidis Are No Concern to Islamists Living in the U.S… Except of course to disavow ...

    Worldview: Help the Yazidi rape victims - Philly.com

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    Sep 6, 2015 - The jihadis justify their rape of Yazidis (and sometimes of Christians) with selective quotes from the Quran; they buy and sell the girls on an ...

    ISIS uses theology to justify rape, enslavement of Yazidi ...

    The Christian Science Monitor
    Aug 14, 2015 - The Christian Science Monitor reported in November from northern Iraq that the stance adopted by Sheikh and other Yazidi leaders appears to ...

    'Raping a woman 10 times makes her a Muslim' ISIS fighter ...

    Oct 9, 2015 - Carey Lodge Christian Today Journalist 09 October 2015 ... Noor, a 22-year-old Yazidi woman, was abducted by ISIS when her village in the ...

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    Jul 14, 2015 - The Yazidis are neither Muslim Christian but worship a peacock god which, in the eyes of the Islamic State group, make them devil worshippers ...

    Yazidi survivors of Isis torture and rape need the support the ...

    www.theguardian.com › World › Development › Gender
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    Oct 19, 2015 - A young Iraqi Yazidi woman who suffered abuse by Isis captors, wearing a headscarf to protect her anonymity. Photograph: Linda Nylind for the ...

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    Sep 7, 2015 - Sunni invasion, rapes and kills: Yazidi, Christians, Shia, Houthi. Part of channel(s): Syria (current event). ISIS is majority Sunni. The beheaders ...

    Yazidi women told that after 10 rapes, they automatically ...

    Oct 7, 2015 - Christian Action Network · Home · News · Our ... Yazidi women told that after 10 rapes, they automatically become Muslim. From Mailonline.

    FAQ - The Liberation of Christian and Yazidi Children of Iraq

    Since ISIS took over Mosul, Iraq, thousands of women and children most of which are Yazidis and Christians have been brutally raped, abused, and sold as sex ...

    KIDNAPPED, BEATEN, SOLD & RAPED: Christian & Yazidi ...

    Sep 4, 2015 - KIDNAPPED, beaten, sold and raped: the Islamic State group is running an international market in Iraq where Christian and Yazidi women are ...

    Syria: Devout Muslims force Yazidi to watch her 9-yr-old ...

    Oct 17, 2015 - Another mother was forced to watch her 9-year-old daughter being raped to death, Dakhil shared in a separate account. Yazidis, Christians ...

    THIS IS what they do to CHRISTIANS. this is What Sharia Law does. Sharia law operates in the UK, USA , Europe already, and this is ultimately what is coming for female christians if this blight is not stopped.

    [images removed]

    christian-women-raped-into-embracing-islam, when they don't agree, they die.

    Surely these Yazidi Women and their remaining families qualify as immediate refugees than do the families of Islamic communities that have money to travel?.

    If these were your wives or daughters, would you still welcome Islam to your country?. would you forgive their rapist killers?

    It is easy to talk, but pictures show the reality of the situation...

    How can forgiving this change anything?

    Islam is a disease.

  • mana11

    Muslims Earn Sweden the Title of “Rape Capital of the World”

    Muslim Rape

    – Muslims make up 6% of Sweden’s Population

    – Why then are 77% percent of the Rapes Committed by Muslims?

  • TheOldHippie

    I do not "on a daily basis" go around hating the man who killed my child. If I did so, I would allow him to play a part in my life, to be someone around whom my thoughts and feelings would center, and I refuse to allow him that luxury. He is no part of my life, he is a nobody, a being void of importance, someone I do not care to hear about or know anything about. He does not exist for me.

    At times, the knowledge that he is out there comes to me in hours of sadness and despair of what did happen, but I manage to sidetrack the thoughts about him, in order to concentrate on the important thougths, the ones about the lost one.

    But this I know, about this I am sure - if I suddenly stumble upon him, I am not at all sure about what would/will happen. The hate is not there - but the knowledge is.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Monsieur Leiris, is clearly lucky to have a faith in God, and I am pleased he is not feeling dejected by his God. This is why I envy many people their faith, even if I know longer share it.

    I have tried to visualise how I would have reacted. I am sure I would have cried, with sorrow. But no matter how hard I try I can't envisage forgiveness.

    I also think it's a little early to settle the dilemma of hatred.The hatred may come later?

    Finally without appearing cynicle, in a way Monsieur Leiris is fortunate that he has a son, that his wife can continue living through his son. So I think he has a unique reason not to carry hatred. I also think Monsieur Leiris words are an example of responsibility to the world. That in itself in some small measure, beats the terrorists.

    Monsieur Leiris I salute you, your WIFE and your son.

    The Rebel.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Mana11 re your post " Muslims make up 6% of Swedens population, why then are 77% of rapes committed by Muslims"?

    The fact is despite being off topic:-

    A) your figure was anonymously confirmed by a phone call from the Swedish police. Therefore it's without proper authority, and very dubious.

    B) Hard facts should be based on court convictions.

    C) The fact is 77% of rapes are not committed by Muslims in Sweden.

    D) The fact is your statistics were based on urban centres where the Islamic colonies cluster.

    F) The fact is we should ask ourselfs who has something to gain spreading such misleading data.

    In my opinion it's very helpful for those who are racist. ( I am not directing that comment at you mana11, but the people who make these statistics up)

    The Rebel.

  • Tornintwo

    These people should be rounded up and treated like the individual criminals that they are, by whatever means necessary, I'm not against fair trial but also fair punishment is warranted.

    They should never be given a platform for their religious hatred speech which makes it appear that they are a group with a 'cause'. These are individuals committing barbarous acts and should be treated as such. To consider them an 'army' is to strengthen them, to consider them a Jihadist group - giving credence to their 'holy war' is to strengthen them.

    What they are is scum, criminals, psychopaths who have attached themselves to a so-called 'cause' to give vent to their own murderous and barbaric desires. I say ban their messages, their rhetoric from being published on the web, the news or anywhere - everytime a news channel shows a video from these people they promote the false premise that they have some kind of cause with validity. It should be 'a man/group of men has been arrested/killed for committing mass murder/rape/planting a bomb' etc, no mention of religion, group affiliation etc. take the steam out of their 'jihad'.

  • BluesBrother

    Nic's reasonable ,insightful thread has given rise to some outbursts of anti Muslim generalisation. The truth is that these people are delusional victims of a cult that has taught them that others ,even those following a different branch of Islam , are fit for slaughter.

    They do not represent Islam as a whole

  • Viviane
    One person mentioned; he is part of the solution?. a pacifist approach to his wife being killed will somehow defeat ISIS?. Am i correct in understanding this is what you mean?. How naive to think such a thing.

    Oh, no, you're no where in the vicinity of a roadsign that point to a library that contains a map of how to get to "Correct in Thinking".

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    I totally agree with Viviane.

    But, if a battle is being raged, that doesn't mean the powers that be shouldn't fight back.

    Now in a different situation, for example if each week I saw my friends fighting against the enemy and being killed, and I see my country being bombed and innocent people killed, would i if my country asked remain a pacifist or would I sign up to fight?

    A) I don't think I could sit at home and watch the very fabric of my beliefs being destroyed? So I think being a pacifist is subject to circumstances, and in Monsieur Leiris circumstances I would be a pacifist, but under different circumstances,and if my country and the very heart of civilisation was being attacked ....well I think during the great wars as an Englishman, I could not have remained a pacifist.

    The Rebel.

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