Does anyone else squirm uncomfortably in disbelief?

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  • smiddy

    I have been out for nearly 25 years , the songs were terrible back then , I`m glad to hear they are no better now.

  • Divergent

    As a music fan, I am appalled at the quality of "kingdom songs". I can relate better to "worldly" Christian music anytime!

    Some samples:


    Bethel Music:

  • rebelfighter


    That is absolutely beautiful. As a believer of a loving God but not Religion nor the Bible, I worship God through music and the opportunities for magnificent Christian music is never ending. There are some amazing voices and talented musicians.

    How shameful the Watchtower kills this creativity in their youngsters.

  • WTWizard

    Those videos are lousy. About all they do is impress on the victim that poverty and struggle are virtues, and unless you are willing to make stupid and pointless sacrifice, you are worthless. "Under duress"--so what? Am I accomplishing anything extra by doing something under duress that I wouldn't be accomplishing had I done it under perfect conditions instead?

    The playback quality is also lousy. Often, the video will start blocking out. Even worse than YouTube. This is because the server cannot keep up with the pace the video is running at. I always have to hit the cursor a second time to even get the damn thing started, or it will just sit there like a dope. Is this supposed to be the Almighty? If joke-hova can run the whole universe, then couldn't that thing at least make sure the video is streaming at a high enough rate so it will not block out? This is significantly worse than other video sites like YouTube, so it is not my Internet speed or my own computer.

    I can only hope the lousy playback turns people off from joining the cancer. If I was God and wanted people to join my organization, I would ensure the videos would be of premium quality, that the music would exceed that of Led Zeppelin (that is, unless joke-hova is inferior to Satan--which joke-hova claims is not the case), and that the playback would be smooth. We have the technology. YouTube can usually do it right.

  • ToesUp

    We don't attend anymore BUT the cart music video was a kicker! If we were still in and present when that was being shown, you would have had to peel us off the floor, we would be laughing out loud. That one was beyond words.

  • baker

    The Mormon,s have one of the best choirs in the world and this rendition almost gives goose bumps. I do give them respect because of their music. Thats all. I quietly set this choir up on our 70" TV and when my still in relatives are over, this is playing in the background, quietly. They all comment how beautiful it is and remember the movie, but then I burst their bubble and tell them , its the Mormons and they don't want to watch anymore. For 1 minute Im able to crack thru their mental blindness and they can see the world clearly, at least for a minute or 2.

  • redvip2000

    can only hope the lousy playback turns people off from joining the cancer. If I was God and wanted people to join my organization, I would ensure the videos would be of premium quality, that the music would exceed that of Led Zeppelin

    Evidently, he is not able to do that. But what's the surprise? He is not even able to convince the majority of people in the world that the bible is his book - nevermind doing what it says. Image that!! Jevoova cannot demonstrate that a book was "written" by him, which is something that every book author on earth has been easily able to do.

    This is supposed to be the creator of he universe, but he cannot convince people that a book is his word.

  • someDUDEinAsmallCubicalSomewhereOverTheRAINBOX

    Iown Mylife - I remember that atrocity. Actually, one of a stout elder's wife, M.G., loudly lambasted them as horrible and toneless. It was quite a scandal coming from her, as their family is very respected in the area.

  • Vidiot

    Personally, I have difficulty even making myself watch them.

    My wife told me that she once checked out the revamped website with its videos and whatnot.

    She hasn't been back since.

  • blondie

    Even the Israelites hired musicians and singers on their musical ability not how high they were in the "spiritual" hierarchy.

    Even the WTS selects supposedly people who have demonstrated to be able to build buildings that stand the test of time (I could be wrong) because they don't have the money to do it over. I have seen male jws assigned to frame a KH that didn't know one end of the hammer from the other.

    I am a trained musician and I have cringed at what the WTS calls music today. Each songbook gets worse. Partly because musical training is no longer valued much in schools and family groups. Each member of the Purple Triangle family had training even if from another trained family member.

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