Broadcasting august, clown Lett about painting the K-hall

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  • Gorbatchov

    Did you see the performance of Stephen Lett on august broadcasting?

    The illustration of painting the kingdom hall?

    Used for explaining that you have to listen to elders even when they are totaly wrong?

    Never seen such openly nonsense.


  • jookbeard

    I couldn't listen to Steven Lett all the while I have active brain cells

  • blondie

    What about Abraham questioning god regarding destroying people at Sodom and Gomorrah or the Galatian congregation that questioned Peter's shunning Gentile Christians sending a letter to the apostle Paul?

  • ttdtt

    I know you can tend to look at stuff like this as a clown saying stupid stuff.

    But this "paint" example is very dangerous and the very aggressive psychological control strategy campaign that they are waging.

    Durin the 1st talk on this year's District Convention, they did the same thing.

    They use require obedience to them on things way out of bounds for them to even dream of.

    At the 1st DC talk, they spent a lot of time telling the audience that they NEED to be in their seats during lunch (yes during lunch) for the music video thing that runs before Lunch is over.

    Not only that they made it know that if someone should want to talk to you during the music thing, that you should make them feel bad that they are not sitting listening.

    So you now dont have the right to do what you want during the STATED LUNCH period.

    All about CONTROL CONTROL CONTROL. Not just about bible things, but about ANYTHING.

    This is a very dangerous trend that will affect any of our Still In family.

  • days of future passed
  • john.prestor
    He claimed that even campaigning to decide the painting of a Kingdom Hall would 'make Satan very happy' and Jehovah 'sad.' Bizarre.
  • Incognito

    I guess this goes along with their prior 'demand' to follow their directions even when those directions don't make sense from a human perspective.

    I expect those that do comply without question, demonstrate their indoctrination whereas those that don't fully comply, will be viewed critically and as fence sitters, calling themselves JWs for their own selfish reasons such as, to maintain their relationship with their JW family.


    So. the wacko local elders decide to paint the Kingdom Hall...... and ( with their great wisdom) come to a conclusion that it is easier for every member in the congregation help paint the whole building with a 2'' brush rather than a roller, sprayer, give the job to a painting contractor, or even let the job wait for another time.

    The 2'' painting brush solution would cost more, take more time, and have lots of confusion. But, no input is taken into consideration because the elders ''said so.'' You can't divide the congregation into ''different camps.'' Leave your brain at the entrance door.

    What's the whole point of the illustration?..... To be ''submissive'' and ''be obedient'' to the WTBTS and the local elders, no matter if they're wrong about the direction they are leading the congregation members!

  • Darkknight757

    Right when you think these tv shows can’t get any worse, this happens. An illustration that basically tells the R&F that they can’t have any input or think for themselves because “the elders say so”. This is wrong on so many levels and again it reinforces this whole “obey the GB even if it doesn’t make sense from a HUMAN standpoint” nonsense.

    It’s getting pretty scary to see for those of us on the outside. Lap dance Watchtowers and stupid painting illustrations. Where is this organization headed next?

  • Bad_Wolf

    The elders are instructed to obey the GB without question. Members to obey elders without question. THen the GB and friends who own remodelings companies get ready. GB tells the elders they need to remodel their KH at a premium, they will provide everything at a premium. The congregation must accept without question and to give the GB a higher profit margin, they must purchase their own paintbrushes and do all the work for free. Somebody has to pay for all those rings Stephen Lett has!

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