Is being played?

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  • Vidiot

    jw07 - "Is JW-dot-org being played?"

    If it is, I couldn't imagine it happening to a more deserving bunch... :smirk:

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    As far as the "worldly" music in the video - the media production has partially been in the hands of a "worldly" organization for quite some time now. I briefly worked with them when they started developing the RBC website but they do some of the (post) production and distribution for video and handle most of their "new" media (giving people in Bethel raw access to the site and feedback probably not a good idea). Not sure whether they're correctly attributed or credited in the videos.

  • LostGeneration

    Its a simple lack of self awareness.

    You've got a giant circle jerk going on at HQ. Everyone there is playing by the rules that the leaders put out there, so there are no checks and balances like you would find in the real world. If someone comes up with some offensive idea nobody is willing to stick their neck out there and say "Wait a minute, we are going to look like fucktards if this is put out in the public eye."

    And if the GB ultimately approves this in the end like their literature bragged about in the past, well we know what kind of educated people sit at the top. Tight pants Tony and Crazy Stevie Lett. Need I say more?

    Its actually a good thing in the end, their idiocy will continue to wake up those inside.


    What do you think is going on?

    JW`s are a Socially Retarded religion..

    Run by a Socially Retarded organization,the WatchTower..

    JWs will embrace anything the WBT$ does....It doesn`t matter how stupid it is..

    If the Outside World doesn`t like it..Too Bad!..

    God is going to Kill them anyway..


    Welcome To............................................This Is One Of Our Leaders..

    WATCHTOWER WORLD..........................HE HAS A GIANT BRAIN!..
    Image result for goofy PlanetImage result for broadcasting stephen lett

  • fizzle

    There maybe something in what the OP is saying...

    Remember some of the strange / subliminal pictures in the Revelation Book? Someone (or more than one) at Bethel must have influenced those pictures.

    There was a strange picture in a fairly recent WT - I'll try and dig it out and post it.


  • fizzle

    Here is a fairly recent article with a strange picture in it:

    Can you spot the strange looking "priest" ? Thoughts..?

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