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  • jw07

    We all know that the Watchtower's doctrines have been loony from day one, and that the organization is increasingly a victim of bad publicity due to it adhering to those set of beliefs. However, with all the wackiness that has been playing out recently it makes me wonder if there are some awake persons with influence in PR / media operations trying to really turn the spotlight on the organization so as to wake up others / turn away potential recruits.

    My reasoning is based on these crazy examples of video productions among many others in recent times:

    The anti-masturbation video for deaf persons.

    As with everything presented to the public, I'm sure it was thoroughly vetted. At the upper levels of approval didn't anyone realize that the sign language gestures for masturbation used repeatedly in one video presentation could paint a negative impression?

    The bunker video

    Literalism at it's finest. The problem for them is that we live in an age where the video's imagery paints the image of JWs as fanatical 'doomsday preppers'. I have nothing against persons being prepared for disasters, but there are extremists when it comes to everything, and the negative stereotype is who the public has in mind when it sees that kind of imagery. Not to mention Heaven's Gate, Jone's Town, and Waco as negative examples of what happens when cults physically congregate prepared for 'the end'. How many persons did this go through before it went to the GB to be approved? Have those persons been living in a complete media vacuum for the last 4 decades?

    2016 Convention Shunning Propaganda Video

    In the real world, when children who've left the house call parents out of the blue they are quick to answer, even if they have become estranged. It could be an emergency. In fact the child could have died and someone on the scene could be using their phone to call home. Attendees on the fence about what they are 'learning' will leave with a sour taste in their mouth after seeing this.

    The Anti-Gay Kids Cartoon

    We get that the WT is anti-gay, but didn't anyone realise that preaching that message so blatantly, especially to young ones would attract flak, especially in an era where the developed world has been moving towards tolerance and human rights? Hasn't anyone at HQ been paying attention to the negative press received by the Westboro Baptist Church for their openly anti-gay stance?

    The Paradise Video (last video) - RC 2016

    All of the imagery in this video screams cult. It's all too airy, and looks like a commercial for the new season of The Path. From the odd clothes, to the breathtaking nature vistas, to the fake smiles, to the music. The interesting thing about the music is:

    They used the song "Eternal Flame" by Paul Dinletir". Yes, a WORDLY, non-JW song. Something I find pretty out of character for them. They usually make use of a remix of one of their official songs.

    I'd love to know the chain of command when it comes to approving video releases.

    What do you think is going on?

  • Xanthippe

    I think they have reached critical mass with donations and income from real estate. They don't need any more recruits so they don't care what the outside world thinks. They are intent on keeping 'awake' ex-JWs out by shunning adult children who rebel against the cult; young people who realise they are gay, and members who leave because they know intellectually it's all rubbish.

    The bunker mentality they are developing in people is, I think, to turn all the negative publicity such as the ARC, the Charities Commission investigation in the UK and child abuse court cases in the U.S. into 'persecution' and fit it into Bible prophecy as the start of the great tribulation. They could drag out this great tribulation for many years.

  • freddo


    Bunker Mentality. You know, I think you might be right!

    Bunker mentality seems to be feeding into everything they do ...

  • George One Time
    George One Time

    Anyone has a clue why they would use a "worldly" song in the Paradise Video?

  • kairos

    Maybe WTBTS is finally ready to 'cash in it's chips', so to speak.

    Sell everything and disappear.

    What would the JWs do?

    "Take it up with God?"

  • rebelfighter

    Never a JW but when I viewed the bunker video my first thought was the ARC. Yes they will be knocking on a lot of doors world wide with court summons to testify and it will be the Elders straight up the line they are after. WELL when you have protected the pedophiles and disfellowshiped the victims all these years what do you expect? So the WT wants the R&F to think it is unjust prosecution that is why they are warned not to trust what they hear in the news because it is apostate lies. What is apostate lies is anything coming out of a GB's mouth. Proof listen to Jackson testify at the ARC do you think Jehovah was pleased with his performance.

  • aintenoughwiskey

    That paradise video is powerful. I think the watchtower is undergoing a sea change. The numbers at least in the western world are pointing to a saturation point. The shift from growth to retention is underway. I expect the pace of change will accelerate.

  • Listener

    The song Eternal Flame is produced by Audiomachine and is on an Album called Epica. This album includes songs such as Transcendence, New Earth and Tribes.

    Another Album produced by Audiomachine includes songs called Guardians at the Gate, 11 days in Hell, Creation, Redemption, Battle of the Kings, Hymm of the rising, The Messenger.

    The list goes on with all their albums. I am sure I am hearing the choir sing the word God a number of times in Eternal Flame but I would consider it very spiritual music If the creator of the music/lyrics is a JW I could see them approving this music without any conflict of conscience, if not, they are imposing their conscience on all JWs.

  • ScenicViewer

    jw07: I'd love to know the chain of command when it comes to approving video releases.

    What do you think is going on?

    JWs, especially the Governing Body, live in such an isolated world of fantasy that they don't see themselves the way normal people see them. They don't hear themselves the way normal people hear them.

    In their mind, since they are "directed by God's holy spirit," they see no flaws in what they produce even though much of it is laughable.

    If anyone ever needed to take off the rose colored glasses while looking at themselves in the mirror it's the GB of JWs.

  • vivalavida
    Thanks for this collection showing the craziness of the WTS.

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