Did you ever buy into 1975?

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  • zeb

    No. Because I had a belief that the words of the Christ (Yeshuah) when he said to the apostles that marvellous statement that "No man knoweth the day nor the hour, not I only the father" So that rules out this obsession with 1975. I do remember it being big time in the thinking of some jw but I thought in the mean time I had a mortgage to pay and bills to pay as well.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    I will say this - during the years leading up to 1975, I never heard anybody actually express any doubts about that date. Not one!

    If they weren't actually preaching 1975, then they certainly weren't expressing doubts about it either. Certainly none that I heard, anyway. If such persons were in the majority, then it must have been a silent majority (Make that a bloody silent majority!)

  • smiddy3

    I guess I was one of those who hedged their bets ,it was an interesting thought that 6000 years of human history would end in 1975 and that it would be appropiate for the 1000 year of Christs reign to begin.

    I was a fence sitter as far as that belief was concerned , it could happen ,it may not happen.And the society did indicate both of those scenarios ,though the emphathis was mainly that it could happen.

    And unlike many who have responded so far I was 36 years old and a MS and because I didnt buy into it completely I didnt leave the JWs ` till the early `90`S

    I think it was here I learned many years later that the IBSA the fore-runner of JW`s believed the 6000 years ended in the late 1800`s and that is why they believed 1914 was the end of the system of Things and they would be transported to heaven in that year.

  • JeffT

    I graduated from college in the summer of 1973, and was baptized a few months later, having started a study that spring. The "end is soon" rhetoric mostly fit into an already held world view. We were at the tag end of Vietnam, Watergate was becoming The Big Story, the mid-east was coming apart, the US and USSR had enough bombs to blow up the world, people were sick and starving. It was logical (or so it seemed at the time) that God was going to put everything right. I passed up a chance to go to grad school, and temporary pioneered. I also met a nice JW girl (also a convert) and got married in the fall of 1974.

    By 1977 I knew something was wrong, but stayed in for the social contacts and my wife's family (they were the ones that converted her). After moving to a new congregation we lost interest entirely and haven't been in a Kingdom Hall since 1988. We're still married.

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