Dietary Quirks Among JWs

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  • Done

    Mid 90s i was hosting the co and wife for midweek lunch. Got the 'special' diet list of the wife. Not only was it a special diet it listed what she wanted for lunch each day. I made exactly what she wanted. Co, wife, one elder and his wife show up for lunch. Co wife walks in a declares she doesnt want what was on the list, but changed her mind and wanted something else - that was on her unable to eat list!!!!!!!

    Elders wife and i are in the kitchen, she can clearly see the WTF look on my face. Spent hours shopping for and preparing exactly what she wanted and she changed her mind that morning. Elders wife told me, dont worry, it happens all the time, I'll make her something else....

  • WTWizard

    Some of these are founded--keeping monosodium glutamate to a bare minimum can help protect your brain--the stuff can ruin your brain (aspartame is at least as bad). But, there are ways around that--since calcium is involved with this, taking magnesium (and boron) before eating a food with monosodium glutamate can reduce this effect. And some people are sensitive to excessive gluten or to sugar.

    However, some of these phobias are unfounded. Most people are not affected by reasonable amounts of gluten or sugar (high fructose corn syrup, however, should be kept to a bare minimum or eliminated). And, I remember when there was a low-fat craze going among the congregation (which does no good if you make up for it by adding extra sugar). As for sodium, most people would be better to shoot for an intake closer to 4,000 mg instead of 2,400--it's cadmium that drives your blood pressure up (better quit smoking--that is responsible for at least 30 mcg per pack of cancer sticks smoked).

    What amazes me is when they claim to be on a health kick, and then they stop at McDonalds (which is reputed to have some of the sickest phude on the planet). They order a poisonburger (loaded with monosodium glutamate and who knows what other chemicals), a fries (with rancid polyunsaturated fat, which is the worst for your arteries both because of its instability and its already being rancid), and then a diet Coke (aspartame for your brain). And they do it every day because they are in field circus, and wish to extend their time as much as possible.

  • truth_b_known

    Growing up in the organization I found Witnesses to be obsessed with special diets, holistic medicines, a make believe illnesses. Why go to the doctor when you can eat cabbage soup, put poison botanical oil in your drinking water, and get your bones cracked by a chiropractor?

    The answer is simple - window washers don't have medical insurance.

  • Bugbear

    1. Yes

    2. No

    3. Dubs are always use their special needs as an excuse not to do their “engagements”. Meaning less “service ours” taking speeches, and of course to “fade”…….. I have seen personally hundreds of these

  • dubstepped

    I did notice a ton of "special" illnesses in the Borg. To some extent I think it's just people looking for any way to stand out as different.

    With that said, I found out after leaving the cult that I have issues with lactose and yes, it's very real. It makes sense that some percentage of JWs have issues and the rest are just batshit crazy.

    By the way, although I know it's a hardship having to bring food to something with everyone's particular issues, it's not exactly fun being the person with the issues. Lactose is in so much. We went to the big Harvest Homecoming Festival here on Friday with all of the great festival foods and I couldn't have 99% of it. It is a bummer. I went to a party Friday night with cake and cookies and buffalo chicken dip and queso and little hot dogs in crescent rolls and flavored chips and I couldn't have any of it.

  • cookiemaster

    My JW mother is a hypochondriac and a germophobe, and she was battled tens of make belief illnesses, among her real ones. When I was a kid, she practically gave away most of the family's savings on medicinal cures sold by a local JW homeopatic doctor (who was later disfellowshipped for being a con artist). Even today she still complains endlessly about certain imaginary smells in the house that bother nobody other than her and believes all kind of homeopathic crap.

    She's tried all kinds of idiotic health diets that do nothing for you. Her only real diseases identified so far by doctors have been depression and pernicious anemia (which almost killed her due to initial blood transfusion refusal). I'm sure she has several mental disorders that exacerbate her hypochondria and germophobia. What's worse is that she continues to try to waste money on all sorts of miracle cures and diets presented to her by other JW nutcases. I've noticed that many JWs kinda encourage each other on these increasingly "special" dietary and medicinal paths.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    What happened? These are not elderly people either. Most are in their 40s and 50s. They are all pioneers, elders, one is a missionary and one just got the boot at Bethel after 25 years.

    What happened?? ? I'll tell you what happened. These folks had their hearts set living forever and on never growing old. Outwardly and publicly they are saying that they'll never grow old and die before the "end of this system of things" but inwardly on some level, they are utterly disappointed and realize that it's going to happen.

    Not that it isn't smart to eat healthy but I think JW's in particular are desperate to make their magical hope of living forever, reconcile with the reality they see all around, that they are indeed growing old and die. They've been putting off having come to terms with their own mortality (arrested development) and have been using religion to anesthetize themselves from this fact. Many non JW's are careful about their health as well but it's because they KNOW that they are not going to live forever and they want to extend their lives as long as possible.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    the original sin wasn't the apple, it was refined sugar!!!!!!!! when I was a kid I thought only JWs ate health food, and didn't understand how the stores could stay in business with us only.

    I am old enough that cooking with aluminum still bothers me.

  • sparrowdown

    It's understandable to me now that people with so little control over their own lives become so "thingy" over little things and develop psychosomatic symptoms. Witnesses are basically prisoners of a religion and food is one of the few things they can have personal control. Also long term cognitive dissonance is a bitch no wonder they're all "sick."

  • JaniceA

    I think that the JW population is just going along with the trend of the world. It's crazy all over from what I see. Then again, we often have just enough information about all these food issues to be obnoxious/ignorant. It's not the worst thing to be aware of dietary issues. Some of us should be more aware, or put what we know into practice. If certain foods don't make me feel good, I avoid/limit them. I'm not religious about it, nor do I bother folks with my quirks, unless they make it an issue.

    My jws are not into the food fads. Still drink too much, eat meat, gluten, white food, etc.

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