How do I delete my posts?

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  • The Doc 58
    The Doc 58

    It's been 9 years and it would be nice to get them off the internet.

  • freddo

    You've been here about a year longer than me. And its five years since your last post. Now you've piqued my curiosity and I have had a look back through some of them. Perhaps the best way to have disappeared into the ether would have been to have let sleeping dogs lie?

    Your best chances of getting your posts removed will be to PM Simon who owns and runs this site.

    Best wishes on your journey.

  • The Doc 58
    The Doc 58

    Thank you. I went ahead and sent him a message. Unfortunately, Google search does not allow sleeping dogs to lie. So, hopefully the posts can be removed. Thanks though.

  • jp1692

    Beware of the Streisand effect!

  • JRK

    Yeah to what jp said.

    You haven't posted in 5 years, and now you bring your name back to the top by posting about deleting your old posts. You pulled the dead cat up by the tail.


  • stillin

    I never knew that the Streisand Effect was a thing. Man, this place is edumacational!

    I tend to mention any flaws in a project that I have worked on. I think I am demonstrating awareness, but people see the problem and wonder why I even mentioned it.

  • The Doc 58
    The Doc 58

    True enough about the Streisand Effect. I do not mind the people who frequent this website reading the posts. It's those who Google me. In the end, it is pretty insignificant information about me. But it would be a bit more preferable to keep that information private. As with many who leave the JWs, my life has transformed completely in a very positive way. Again, as with many who leave, the first 3-4 years can be the most difficult and emotional. Therefore, things I did and said under that sort of stress are no longer an any where near accurate portrayal of who I am now.

    To add context, I received an email from a person who googled me looking for my work and ran into a post from this website and asked me questions and so forth that I really didn't want to answer. I ignored the email, but it would be nice to prevent further emails of the sort.

    Not a huge deal, but it would be nice.

    Thank you.

  • HappyDad

    You can't delete your old posts. You are in cyber space forever. Why do you want to delete them? Are you going back like the dog returning to its vomit?

  • steve2

    Your query intrigued me so I read back over some of your earlier posts. Talk about unwanted attention!

    Now I may have missed clues, but there was nothing in what you had written earlier that personally identified you by name - so I'm not sure what your concern is.

    How can others identify you as having been here when you have not divulged your name? Or did you have a bio statement that gave personal details?

    More to the point, what are others doing, not only googling your name but querying you to explain what they've found? What would give them reason to google you anyway? That sounds seriously like snooping.

    Whatever the outcome from this, a learning point could be for you to be very, very careful about personal and detailed disclosures on any internet forum if you think you could regret it later.

  • stuckinarut2

    checking your history now

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