Why is religion in general so obsessed with what people choose to do with their willies and vaginas?

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  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Because they don't want to piss Jehovah off. Jehovah doesn't like homosexuals, transvestites, wearing cloths made of two different textiles, but turns a blind neutral eye towards molesting children and has his earthly organization not it reported to the police if the law doesn't make it mandatory and in this way not bring any reproach on "Jehovah" 's name/WT organization That's just half of all the bullshit they preach to capture the minds of the gullible who believe in this Deity and join the slave labor force to sell propaganda (for free to keep the corporation profitable) about living forever if you join the cult.

    Control over a persons sex life is a way to test the brain washing mind control you have over those the subjects that are submitting to regular sessions. When some one disobeys directives in clothing or sex kick them out until they repent and fall in line. That's a good way to get rid of bad apples and keep the scam up and running. Defectees must be denied access to the faithful or all hell will break loose.

  • schnell

    One thing I heard but never understood while I was in was that young newlyweds who have sex before marriage feel regret on their wedding night.

    That's obviously not necessarily true. I'm not saying they can't, but they may not feel guilt at all, and they probably wouldn't if they didn't have this religious idea rammed down their throats.

    But regardless, my wife and I remained abstinent while we dated. Then the Monday after our wedding, the brother called me to say that I'd messed up the court documents, and irony of ironies, we weren't legally married yet... But we were in Jehovah's eyes!

    No guilt here, and our marriage license hangs in our living room with a date different from our anniversary. It's almost like if we were cool with it, even if we simply thought we were married (more generically, that we thought it was okay and we were consenting to this), then there was no argument to be made for wedding night guilt.

  • Vidiot

    I also suspect that prominent religious leaders began demonizing sex because people hotter than them were getting more, and they resented it. :smirk:

  • jws

    I don't think the bible is at all the same book on sexual morality that people today think it is. This was the morals of ancient middle eastern men. Plus, a lot of the modern morality is based on interpretation, not on what the Bible even says.

    You can't masturbate because Onan spilled his seed on the ground. That was in direct violation of an order to get his widowed sister-in-law pregnant. Not for spilling his seed. Yet it was interpreted that way by many.

    One-man-one-woman??? Please. Solomon had how many wives and he was considered wise.

    Faithful to your wife? What about concubines?

    The morals developed in the Bible revolve around two things:

    1) In ancient times, you had to outbreed your enemies so you could raise a bigger army. So, if you were gay, you weren't producing offspring. So, can't have that.

    2) Property. The buyer (the husband) had to make sure he was buying a brand-new virgin product. So no sex before marriage. Which carries with it the risk of diseases and the risk she might be carrying another man's child. The punishments seem much harsher for women. Whereas you have Judah (of the f'ing tribe of Judah) seeing a girl on the road dressed like a prostitute and going, come let me have sex with you. Who turns out to be his daughter-in-law. Nothing about punishing Judah for sex outside of marriage. Lot offers up his daughters to the crowd. That's apparently OK. Mirroring the same story in Judges 19 where the owner of the house offers his virgin daughter and concubine instead. (And people think these stories are real and not copies). Women are property. Don't hurt the men.

    The Bible is a mixed up book, obviously not written by a divine being. We shouldn't be deriving morals from it.

  • notsurewheretogo

    Sexual repression pure and simple...

  • Scully

    Think about it: your genitals and what you do with them is a very personal and private matter. If a person or religion can compel you to share those most private details of your life with strangers and impose rules on you in how you should conduct yourself with your genitals, they can pretty much succeed in controlling every other thing in your life.

  • Ruby456

    it is culture - if you think in terms of culture - any culture even our own - we are preoccupied with sex and things to do with it

  • schnell

    Paul spoke about singleness a lot (and that's why the Pastoral letters where he endorses men getting married is a sign that the letters are fake). Many gospels that didn't make the canon talked about abstinence even in marriage.

    Seeing as believers tend to believe in God wherever they see it, in "a God of the gaps" in their knowledge, it might be too easy to say these people saw things like syphilis as a sign that God hates sex.

    Or perhaps they were trying to show the Romans that they weren't into orgies as they were so accused. Whichever.

  • prologos

    The Telegraph Science Nov. 29: "spiritual experiences trigger the same aeras (of the brain) as sex-- gambling, sorry can't link.

    taken a gamble on the afterlife, panda paradise, sexy.

  • Finkelstein

    There is such a thing as sex addiction and loose sexual conduct that does real harm to people in their lives, that includes habitual masturbation.

    You don't need a religion to observe that though.

    Interesting is it not that where sex is overtly oppressed that you find people behaving loosely, even attack children.

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