Why is religion in general so obsessed with what people choose to do with their willies and vaginas?

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  • jambon1

    What was it in the evolution of religion that got them so hung up about what people do with their genitalia?

    I mean, the (mis)use of genitalia is up there with murdering another human being in terms of badness.

    And in the 21st century, we have a situation where in the JW religion, it's deemed as acceptable for three middle aged/old men to sit a teenage girl down and ask her the details of her use of her genitals. To any normal person this is intrusive, completely inappropriate and bordering on deviancy.

    Why they so obsessed?

  • Alostpuppydog

    Well it was originally meant to keep society from falling apart like do today i.e. single parent homes, poverty on a grand scale, ironically enough to prevent pedos from having access to young kids, and preventing the spread of sexual diseases.

    And it is very innapropriate without other women present during whatever they are discussing is on topic, whether it's from the simplist things to sexuality in any private situation. I would even say those elders are pedos in disguise.

    Overall I would say you can't blame them for wanting to promote healthy relationships, but nevertheless, the way they do it according to what you stated would be completely stupid and even borderline insane.

    Hope this helps.


  • schnell

    Interesting subject.

    I always go pro-education rather than Christian morality. My best friend became a baby daddy at 18 and was basically ostracized for it, while all the sympathy went to his ex, the mother. Morality splits people up.

  • prologos

    sexuality is the currency of evolution, passing on your genes, selfishly, so: controlling that was controlling life, the business of the so-called divine.

  • Crazyguy

    Religion started off with sex being a good thing. A continuation of life etc. The God that won The popularity in most pantheons was the fertility gods with the creator gods being pushed aside. The mother goddesses were extremely admired too.

    I think sex and issues over how it done and to who etc came later with weirdo freaks and thier abstentions with the subject.

  • WTWizard

    Because joke-hova is so anti-life. Everything associated with the development of the soul and furthering of life is taboo. And, since joke-hova could not totally stop sex, that thing simply imposed much shame and repression on it. And it invented most of the diseases to further vindicate this program.

    Notably, joke-hova also instituted poverty. That thing is why you can't simply live off the land, and trade values with others. Rather, you have intrusive tax systems, intrusive laws on use of the land, and so on. Environment? Joke-hova is also responsible for suppression of free energy science, forcing us to rely on polluting oil. It is also responsible for our sickness system where natural and spiritual cures for diseases are illegal. So, joke-hova can install "its chosen people" to drain wealth from people. And of note, it is right in its own damnation book that people will surrender all their silver and gold (wealth) to "the chosen". Also of note that joke-hova is directly behind the taboo of even discussing the cause of this, enabling that thing to enslave the whole world.

    Pedophiles? Then why do so many religious leaders of high rank promote it? It goes on within the churches. Both Jews and Muslims have rituals involving raping (and mutilating) babies, and defensive mechanisms to prohibit open discussion of it to protect said rituals. None of the three big religions are innocent of this. Xian priests are known to molest children, usually in a bid to ruin their lives, in exchange for pardon of their "sins". And it is not unheard of for missionaries to rape children in order to force Christi-SCAM-ity on nations (and it is always white people going into black lands to do this, which I believe is the most racist act of all time, promoted by the xian churches!

    I strongly advocate boycotting all three of the major religions. They are all guilty of sexual repression, creating poverty, working with nations to promote diseases and environmental pollution, and want us all enslaved under the worst conditions imaginable.

  • smiddy

    ALPD , you make a good point about women should be present in such a JC with a young girl being grilled by the elders,however I dont think brainwashed JW women would of any help in this situation .

    If I could make a comparison , it would be like Muslim women speaking out against female circumcission ,many willingly support it for their own daughters, a barbaric practice.

    In both cases the women bow down to the men without objection ,as he is to be obeyed.

  • tepidpoultry

    If you get a group to follow dietary restrictions and sexual restrictions

    Then you pretty much control them,

    BTW if the writer of the question is a woman stop complaining! No one

    said you had to cut off part of your privates to make God happy!


  • Xanthippe
    BTW if the writer of the question is a woman stop complaining! No one
    said you had to cut off part of your privates to make God happy!

    You obviously never heard of FGM.

  • Bugbear


    It´s an earlier conditional reflex from a male perspective. Girls females are owned by their male suppressors. No other man or male could have their offspring from their girls then the owner of the pack. Of course if it is possible make some money transaction the owner release some or a few of his property to another male. This behavior are developed not only amongst humans, it used in almost all animal species like Chimpanzees, gorillas and other predators. The habit is taken over by religions as a “cultural” habit to control all female….. I´m a man saying this having 4 daughters…!

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