Why do trolls do what they do?

by Londo111 21 Replies latest jw friends

  • LongHairGal

    My idea of a troll is somebody with not a very good knowledge about what they are defending. They only know it superficially, IMO.

    They feel brave hiding behind a keyboard.

    I also suspect they are rather young and immature....It's hard to know if you are communicating with a 16 year old or a 46 year old when you are on the internet.

  • dubstepped
    You take tiny genitals, add tiny amounts of parental love, and multiply by a massive ego that feeds off of even the smallest amount of validation, and a troll is created. Being a troll is easy. You don't have to have any facts on your side, can disappear and then come back and cherry pick the few opportunities where your deluded self thinks you might be able to defend your baseless assertions, and then get to disappear like the coward you are into the basement in your parents' house with your pets that love you because you feed them and they can't leave you like everyone else.
  • schnell

    Are we talking about the psychology of actual Internet trolls, or the specific niche breed of Watchtower apologist trolls on this board?

    The former has been studied to some degree, and you can find articles about the topic. Here's one.

    The latter would get ripped apart on 4chan.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Because they can.

    It's kind of like what some might see on their morning commute in rush-hour traffic:

    People who wouldn't even look at you square in the eyes if you brushed by them on a sidewalk will give you the finger for some perceived offense when you're on the highway.

    Not that this happens much during my commute ;)

  • smiddy

    Maybe they are just people with low self esteem that craves attention and this is one way they feel they get it.

  • zeb

    I learned very quickly when I was 'in' to avoid the 'but what abouts' both in the kh and in the witnessing. My experience relates that they are people with no input into their lives other than the lowest of tv or wt publications and they love to argue for the sake or arguing. I suggest they are well fed; well housed; have no hobby and no outside activity.

  • tepidpoultry
  • Rainbow_Troll

    We're bored.

    Also, the complacency, self righteousness, and utter lack of curiosity of most humans drives us to create conflict and mayhem where once reigned peace and bovine contentment.

    I'll admit our methods are rather harsh, but our goal is a noble one. We're very much like the Shadows in Babylon 5. We play devil's advocate and criticize 'common sense' only because we want people to think for themselves. We forment conflicts because war gets people off their ass and forces them to improvise; to think creatively.

    Without trolls, there would be no genuine thought or creativity on internet discussion boards. It would just be a bunch of self-assured boors agreeing with one another and laughing at anyone who thinks differently.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    Do any of you watch south park?

    This past season (20) they did a brilliant job explaining troll behavior.


  • stillin

    OK, not much different than some here who drop an occasional bomb on a JW talk site or some cart-tenders, is it? You have something you want to say to the "other side." Sometimes it goes too far.

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