Mexican new GB member

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  • James Mixon
    James Mixon
    They have come a long way from, "Can a leopard change it's spots"...
  • wifibandit

    HA! I know all the men you mentioned and some who you haven't.

    Baltasar Perla Jr. : From El Salvador, Helper to the GB Service Committee, U.S. Branch committee, OTHER SHEEP.

    Ramon Firvida : From Cuba, former C.O./D.O., works in the Theocratic Schools Dept. Patterson, Imprisoned in Cuba, came to the U.S. as one of the "Marielitos". Partaker.

    Mario Moreno : From California?, Last moved from Arizona, Legal Dept. Patterson, Specialty: Family Law, Called to Bethel w/Children (who have now grown and serve at Bethel).  Other Sheep.

  • sp74bb

    The Casting started :) wish Good luck to Holy Spirit !

  • Hecce

    By our mentions here we will kill any of our predictions, still a little bit more comments:

    Moreno: weaknesses: attorneys are not spiritual beings (Rutherford and Covington) very poor speaker and not a partaker.

    Perla: the perfect prototype, groomed for the position by decades of Bethel experience, not a partaker.

    Firvida: same as Perla, more experience in the field and less at Bethel, the best speaker of the three and oddly enough followed his father as a participant.

    Participants at the Spanish Forum seem to indicate that the chosen one is a person serving at the Mexican Branch, not a native.

  • sp74bb

    Additionally by our sources there is a casting for two more additions:

    - African, most probably from Nigeria.

    - Asian, a chosen one US citizen from Hawai....

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