Scientism - Nothing But a Childish Insult?

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  • Diogenesister
    Rainbow_TrollThe fact that my little mind could reach the same conclusions as this genius demonstrates the power of logical thought to guide us toward the right answers.

    Yup. That is the beauty of logic.

    Which is why I was utterly bamboozled when I saw that one of those 'educated Witnesses' rolled out for their 'What I believe'video series was a 'Professor' of LOGIC!!! I mean the physicians I get ( well they're not scientists) even the Zoologist ( evolution doesn't rule out belief in God, although I would have thought it would the JW God) but a lecturer in LOGIC??? It just doesn't compute!!

  • John_Mann
    What are you afraid of?

    God's justice.

  • WhatshallIcallmyself

    God's justice. - John_Mann

    Which one? There are oh so many to choose from. Perhaps you should choose one who loves you so much that they educate you rather than punish you for being yourself.

  • John_Mann

    We share God's justice in a direct way in our very nature. No external learning is needed.

    God's justice comes from God's nature and it's independent from God's will. God's nature is the source of all necessary truths.

    I'm guilty because I'm not being myself. Because I live against my human nature which is an image of God's nature. Human nature are temporarily broken (but not totally broken).

    But justice can only be neutralized by mercy. It's a zero-sum equation.

    Mercy is a free act and is dependent on God's will.

    So God Himself provided infinite mercy by being crucified.

    But mercy being a free act (coming from God's will and not from God's nature) it demands a free act of acceptance too.

    God's nature "punishes" (actually is an automatic/necessary thing) me but the God's will forgives me. My will only need to accept that mercy.

    Please read more about molinism and you will understand much more about the Christian concept of God.

    Sometimes I think people here only know the (awful) JW concept of God.

  • John_Mann
    Just going to leave this here (from the very article in the link)
    "Even if they have been investigated and approved by the Church, the Church does not give any absolute guarantee to their authenticity."


    These physical evidences are not dogma. No Catholic is obligated to accept them.

    They are defined as private revelation instead of public revelation.

    Primarily they are only relevant for the people directly involved.

    Actually there aren't a lot of dogmas in CC, basically all dogmas (which are public revelations) are defined in the Apostles' Creed.

    The most recent defined dogma dates from 1950: the Assumption of Mary.

  • LoveUniHateExams
    What are you afraid of?

    God's justice - and what is God's justice?

  • John_Mann
    God's justice - and what is God's justice?

    It's the necessity to be perfectly aligned with God's nature (and by extension our own nature too). God's will is perfectly aligned with His nature and our destination is to do the same thing.

    Always choose the greater/best option which is the truth.

    Sadly we actually can't do that by our own will. Because our representative failed the test of authenticity. Justice itself demands authenticity. That's why we need help and help is actually provided by God.

    The scientific method is a way to achieve truths about the physical world.

    Scientism is an enemy of science.

    Creationism and scientism are the enemies of the scientific method. Both must (and will) be defeated. The lie cannot prevail upon the truth.

    A true lover of science must fight against creationism and scientism (two sides of a same coin).

  • Simon

    OK, you're just here to spout your religiot drivel, you can fuck off.

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