This week's (Jan 29th - Feb 4th) CLAM meeting "terrorist attack" video ...

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  • Drearyweather


    Sorry for derailing the discussion.

    Regarding your question, you are not being cynical because the video is a propaganda video which is made by the WT to further their ideology.

    Now about my comment, contrary to what steve2 is implying in his comment, I did not mean to say that I am not sympathizing with other non-jw's who lost their loved ones in the attack. It was just that while watching the video I saw a couple who lost their son in the attack. Hence rather than concentrating on the ideology behind the video, which I can do for hundreds of other videos that they have produced, I tried to think about the parents and what they must have gone through. Being an Indian, I may never have known who all lost their lives, neither would have visited the memorial, so took this a chance to think about the people I saw in this video. Just that.

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