"Protect Your Children" JW radio advertisement -- sickening?

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  • proudassmonkey

    why are you all acting like j-dubs on the radio is a huge thing? or that door-to-door is the only way they've ever gone about doing things? back in the 20's they had weekly broadcasts. not only that the WT had it's own radio station up till i think the 60's in upstate NY. this is an ols tactic that they are bringing out.... oh well, it's not like anyone really listens to those PSAs anyway.

  • Nosferatu
    back in the 20's they had weekly broadcasts. not only that the WT had it's own radio station up till i think the 60's

    That may be true proudassmonkey, but the WTS hasn't used any form of media for 40 years or so. Why do they need to suddenly start doing it again?

  • Francois

    Mustang - "Money is money and the stations will take it?" If what we are discussing here is a true PSA, Public Service Announcement, no money is involved. Stations run them for free. If the local station owner gets enough complaints about the PSA being discussed here, they will take them off the air right by themselves. The FCC will never be involved in it. Believe me, there are enough PSAs out there to fill up Yankee Stadium, ripping up the one from the WTBTS won't make a particle of difference. As a disc jockey, I used to refuse to air certain PSAs just because I didn't personally like them myself. And I didn't ask a soul. I just substituted something I did like and logged the time. End of story. Nobody gave a big shit, either. They were just PSAs after all. No money, so who cares?


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    In the words of Deep Throat as told to Bob Woodward, "Follow the money."

    This is all about the Society trying desperately to protect its money from litigation. It is money that is driving this bus, and it is money that is causing desperate measures. The Society is run today by lawyers. Lawyers know the climate in today's world, and they've seen what happened to the Catholic Church. So they know they are at least as liable, which translates into (potentially) hundreds of millions of dollars.

    I don't know about the Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witneses, but the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society was notoriously cheap. They loved rubbing their nickels together.

    Nothing these people do surprises me anymore.

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