"Protect Your Children" JW radio advertisement -- sickening?

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  • Gopher

    I just heard a JW radio advertisement regarding family and children for the first time. This may have been the radio version of the "award winning for excellence" PSA (public service announcement) which the WT Society ballyhoos in their media website www.jw-media.org.

    While listening to an oldies/nostalgic music station based in a wealthy Twin Cities suburb (Stillwater, Minnesota), they had a newsbreak, followed by an awkward half-minute of silence, then this commercial about family and children came on.

    I paid little attention until I heard the word "Watchtower", and the closing line "this message brought to you by Jehovah's Witnesses".

    So THIS is the WT Society's response to the child-molestation / pedophilia scandal that has been openly plaguing them the past two years?

    Instead of amending their practices and encouraging all such things to be reported to the proper authorities, they continue to pretend "NOTHING IS WRONG", and worse yet, they advertise on the radio that they are genuinely interested in the welfare of innocent little children?

    GIVE ME A MAJOR BREAK. All the WT Society cares about is their reputation and keeping their publishing business going.

    The average JW may wonder why their organization is going into the radio-advertising business. But it is no wonder. It's all public relations, to draw attention away from the scandal.

    Don't you think so?

  • LDH


    Please tell me you've been hitting the crack pipe.


  • Pistoff

    This is so revolting. If this is true, it changes the whole game.

    They are so UNBELIEVABLY hypocritical; they claim that door to door is the only and best way to communicate the truth; now they grab the medium of radio to go over the heads of their rank and file to try to convince the public that they are on the up and up.

    Meanwhile, they have told the r and f NOT to engage people in conversation about the pedophile scandal at the same assembly with the stand still and see the salvation idea in the forefront.

    I HATE THESE BASTARDS. I am so ashamed that I am still a witness.

    I have to figure out a way for me to do something about this.

  • Panda

    Gopher PLEASE SAY IT AIN'T SO How can this be allowed. Don't the marketing people know what crap they are supporting?

    Oh yeah "we loves those little children"

  • Gopher

    Pistoff and Panda,

    I swear I heard the tagline "brought to you by Jehovah's Witnesses" at the end of the commercial. I had expected it to be the Mormons who sponsored the spot, since they have been in the advertising game for a long time.

    I only was half-paying attention to what they were saying, but I am quite sure it was something about the subject of family life. And again, if you go to the www.jw-media.org website, it confirms that they do have TV spots about this very thing. So it is not a stretch that on the medium of radio where they get buy for far less expense, and on a Sunday morning when people might be thinking about religion... it all starts to make sense.

    And given their track record on caring for innocent little children, I am still sickened by the hypocrisy.

  • mustang

    Call in and complain to the radio station. Or preferably, follow up in writing. They log those things, especially if the announcement is logged as a PSA. The PSA's are logged to indicate compliance to a quota for a certain amount of such air-time. If complaints are logged, the lack of a positive side will be noted by station owners and the ad's may not be aired in the future.

    You can also log a complaint with the FCC. Not much will happen, but indicate that you disagree with it and have filed with the stations PSA log.

    Do all this stuff in writing.

    Of course, money is money and stations will take it.

    The other thing is that WTS could launch one of their famous "write-ins" and have loads of Dubs call in. Follow this up with more complaints. If it gets controversial and becomes a time consuming problem, the station will likely drop it.

    This is probably on of those "marketing schemes" that are "floated" every now and then. They are probably "testing the waters".

    This makes me curious about if they think that FS is not such a good idea after all.

    Note that "logging" is big deal here. Well, that was drilled into my head with my FCC License Q&A study sessions


    All that I write or utter is protected by religious freedom under the 1st Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, as the "free exercise" and "freedom of speech" clauses.

  • Nosferatu

    Sounds to me like that WTS is panicking.

  • Gopher
    Sounds to me like that WTS is panicking.

    Nosferatu, You touched on something I was thinking about. I sensed an air of desperation too. It's as if the WTS is begging the public to be accepted as normal. Again, doing so through an advertisement rather than actually changing the climate inside their organization so that vulnerable children could be safe -- it is the height of nonchalance and corporate arrogance on the part of the WTS.

  • Nosferatu

    Very true Gopher. I know some people on here won't see anything unusual about this. But I've never seen or heard of the WTS using TV or Radio to send out a PSA. Before you brought this up, I just saw the WTS doing what they usually do when they're criticized for something, no comments, brief statements, etc. But this is different. This is unusual. This is NOT like the WTS to do something like this.

  • leddfootdja

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