Have you ever thought what the primary teaching of Jehovah’s Witnesses is?

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  • Half banana
    Half banana

    It is not “Preach the good news” nor is it “Believe in Jesus and get saved” neither is it “Believe in the governing body of Jehovah’s Witnesses and get saved” although in practice they do teach this. No, everything they claim depends on a belief in another doctrine which logic decrees cannot be found in the Bible.

    The leadership of Jehovah’s Witnesses put absolute faith in a Protestant doctrine which is given a Latin name, Sola scriptura, meaning “by scripture alone”.

    Good evidence of the governing body believing in the primacy of this doctrine was when being questioned by the Australian Royal Commission, they resorted to the ‘authority’ of scripture to defend their stance on having “two witnesses” when they are investigating child abuse cases.Throughout the hearing they paraded their naive trust in the Bible as the highest possible authority proudly ignoring the fact that most people regard it as having been superseded by modern scientific evaluations of what is true.

    Sola scriptura came into existence in Europe at the Protestant Reformation in the sixteenth century as an antidote to the monopoly of Papal influence and its claim to determine Christian teaching by its own authority, the Roman Catholic Magisterium.

    So is the belief in the Bible as the sole arbiter of truth a sensible idea?

    One dramatic consequence of the belief in Sola Scriptura was the proliferation of Christian sects who were freed from the stranglehold which the Papacy had wielded for twelve centuries. Where there was one all embracing church before the Reformation, afterwards at least 20,000 Christian denominations and sects have ensued.

    This informs a lot about the nature of enforcing religious orthodoxy versus the freedom to interpret the scriptures according to personal taste. As all controlling religions know, especially the RC church and Jehovah’s Witnesses, that “heresy” is the greatest threat to maintaining order, and that freedom of belief leads to splintering and disintegration.

    The Reformation was propelled by trying to right the abuses and corruption in the Roman Church, revealing at the same time that such practices are a corollary of unregulated religious authority. However the fracturing of Protestant belief into myriads of sects, speaks about something else namely the impossibility of finding a coherent and absolute set of doctrines “from scripture alone” which could stand as a universal “truth”. No coherent, inerrant “truth” resulted from the Reformation, nothing which would shift monolithic Catholicism from its self built pedestal of “divine appointment”.

    A lesson learned from this would be that one set of divine and absolute doctrinal beliefs to which we should be drawn is an idealistic impossibility, the success of a religion is about perceived authority and power not doctrine.

    Surely though the JW Bible says “All scripture is inspired of God, beneficial etc”. Doesn’t that mean the Bible is inspired? If it did mean the Bible is inspired it would logically be disqualified because it is circular reasoning; using the authority of the original statement to justify itself.

    By looking at the Greek text and other translations, the writer of Second Letter to Timothy here is saying that all “inspired writings” are beneficial, a reasonable thought if you are promoting a religious approach to life. He cannot be saying the Bible is inspired because it was not compiled until the fourth century CE. Paul used an expression which referred to a category of writing; "divinely inspired writings", which at the time would mean all of the popular literature encouraging faith in God such as found in the Shepherd of Hermas, and other hand written documents of a similar vein then in circulation. Interestingly Paul could not focus on Jesus or the so called gospels of Jesus because they were yet to be written.

    In other words the most important belief of JWs, that the Bible is the word of God, is itself NOT found in the Bible. It is impossible to determine this doctrine on the authority of the Bible.

    Belief that the Bible is the sole and inerrant word of God was a Protestant reaction to the corrupt Papacy and is unsupported by evidence. Instead the Bible is filled with gross factual errors and failures of logic. It unreflectively describes mythical and magical events as if they are true, it borrows much core narrative from astrology and it imitates and copies pagan writings of antiquity. It suffers from later literary insertions, it has been selectively edited, and revised according to partisan dogma.

    Is it from God? Does it sound like it is from God? The Bible writers and editors evince all human failings not the least being to promote religious, racial, patriarchal and homophobic bigotry. Really would God do this?

    The JW leadership cling to Sola scriptura above all other things because they have nothing to else to offer mankind except their pathetic reliance on this Protestant superstition.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    Very interesting OP!

    It reminds me of what an other user here made me realize:

    The different books of the Bible and the Bible as a collection of books are the result of religion. They are not the basis for religion.

    Like any other book that describes something, it cannot contain everything there is to know about the topic described.

    You can't build New York based on a couple of books describing the city and it's culture.

    Likewise, it's impossible to build a complete and true religion from the Bible alone.

    Simple logic dictates either tradition or revelation are needed in addition to the writings.

    Watchtower has neither, and doesn't even claim to have those either.

    Watchtower is building New York from a book.

  • Finkelstein

    “Believe in the governing body of Jehovah’s Witnesses and get saved”

    That's really a correct statement when its realized the GB of the WTS have put themselves above Scripture and the words of Jesus Christ.

    When your baptized as a JWS you have to make a vow of servitude to the GB or the FDSL as they describe themselves.

    From there the heads of the WTS (GB) can indoctrinate their followers to any form or shape.

    There is no question that this organization which has a publishing house operating at its core is a commercialized false prophet.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    "The sole purpose of our existence as a Society is to announce
    the Kingdom established in 1914 and to sound the warning of
    the fall of Babylon the Great [in 1918]. We have a SPECIAL
    message to deliver."

    --- Fred Franz's words to Bethel family, November 17, 1979.


    Edited to add: If you are unable to check out the above link, these words of Fred Franz were recorded by Ray Franz, in his book, Crisis of Conscience.

  • steve2

    Thank you for the 101 lesson in Sola Scriptura. If you must condense JW organization's main purpose down to a single belief it would have to be something along the lines of the following:

    "Belief in the inerrancy and authority of Scripture as understood and interpreted by JW organization's Governing Body."

  • tor1500


    Primary teaching...They know God's name & nobody else does...To me their main teaching is telling everyone God's name is Jehovah...even if you go D2D, and some folks reply that they do believe in God, most witnesses won't leave it there...they will say, well, did you know God has a name? Then they go on to say, how can you believe in someone if you don't know their name...but God isn't just someone & he don't need a name...he is God all by himself...

    Oh & go out in the ministry....


  • Bugbear

    Half Banana

    It looks like you are still looking into some comfort in believing that there are some thoughts in what is said in the “Bible”…Science has shown that there is not. It is only a collection of old ancient “iron age” stories that all of them contradict each other of them. I suggest that you on YouTube, look up Bart Ehrman, to find what the really tell us. Bart is a distinguish Professor I the old Greek language and he knows what is said in all these Papyrus and Pergamum scriptures are. Sorry to say that none of them seems to bee accurate.

  • waton

    primary teaching at the doors?: "good morning, We are right, you are wrong.--" bible contradictions notwithstanding.

    Very interesting OP thank you.

  • Finkelstein

    The primary teaching of the WTS is to preach a correct true version of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which has been theological wrong from the get go, one could say it was opposition apostasy to the written word..

    They the WTS have the true interpretation of Scripture pertaining to this Gospel, which all other Christian based faiths do not

    Well in reality the WTS just concocted a version of the Gospel on their own, one that would be advantageous toward literature proliferation.

  • scratchme1010
    Have you ever thought what the primary teaching of Jehovah’s Witnesses is?

    Yes, forget about who you are, don't pay attention to anything and anyone else but what they tell you, including everything around your most important aspects of your life, your family, your health, your career, your possessions, your work, your community, your education, your feelings, your body, your choices of clothing, your opinions, your instincts and your own thoughts. None of that matters, only what/how/when/how much they tell you. But you're free from the world and sin.

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