Did Jesus exist? Probably not

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  • The 12 Apostates
    The 12 Apostates

    Jesus of Nazereth was a later label, so that isn't necessarily the case, we don't know what his/their name/names was/were.

    As for the convolution, that alone doesn't prove anything, it's purely circumstantial evidence. Sometimes people write convoluted narratives in order to create a more interesting story, for instance.

    The origin of Moses was an unnecessarily complex set of events as well, but no self-respecting scholar would suggest that Moses was a real person.

  • Crazyguy2

    The 12 Apostates you need to do your research for there many mistakes in the gospels that make people not believe. One could ask yourself why would god allow mistakes in his holy book.

    Some of the mistakes I’m talking about is the mention of the census like a previous poster mentioned. The man that ordered the census was alive at a certain time and Roman records prove it but he was alive many years after Herod had died. So in one gospel Herod is try to kill Jesus when he’s a new born but in another gospel there a census ordered several years later. Oops. There is also two different death stories of Christ. Two different lines of forefathers which they try to explain away one being Joseph the other being Mary but since he wasn’t related to Joseph that’s irrelevant.

    The list of mistakes is very long , there is even people debating if Jesus was actually dead three days. You can also look into the Bible book of sirac an Apocrypha book that’s still in Catholic bibles because almost ever wisdom sayings credited to Jesus was already in that book.

    You also mentioned zeitgeist in response to my last post and yes there are many things wrong with that documentary but have you ever looked into the similarities between Christianity and the Osiris cult? And no I’m not taking about Jesus being Horus! Check out the goddess Innana and her three days dead then resurrected story , Osiris three days dead then resurrected story where they ate bread and drank beer. Check out the new god created by the Greeks named Serapis, there’s a lot of good stuff out there but do your do diligence because there also a lot of wrong crap out there too.

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