Weed anyone ?

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  • Hamas

    Smoke weed everyday

    Makes life that little bit easier.

  • shotgun

    Its legal here in B.C or at least if you have less than 17 grams it a fine with no record.

    I have not had it in years but always found it to be soothing when used in an intimate group and made paranoia set in If I was alone. The effect seemed to hinge on my surroundings and company. The biggest drawback was buying it...always scared of a sting and the people who were selling it.

    The Bibe is not totally against it (Stephen Got stoned).

    I don't know if you ever noticed but many of the prophets and even Jesus would see visions or have Revelations from God after fasting for weeks or isolating themselves for weeks. Almost reminds me of something many natives would do in order to have visions or dreams, deplete yourself to the point of hallucenation and also use sensory depravation to accentuate the experience.

    If your body is sacrafice to God and you should not smoke or defile it, is it better to deplete yourself for 40 days and leave yourself open to so called demon attacks that way. The WT often points out that when you take drugs or others substances into your body you are leaving yourself open so that the demons can take over your weakened mind or thought process, I don't see a big difference between the two.

  • siegswife
    Weed anyone ?

    Yes, please!

    No...really...pass that dooby this way.

    OK, seriously... I've known people to have a problem with it and start bugging if they don't have it. I have one friend who'll drive long distances to get it and will spend her last dollar on it. Another friend gets real cranky when she's out.

    I can do without it and usually do. It costs too freakin' much.

    IMO alchohol is worse and I've seen much more destruction in the personal lives of alchoholics and their families than pot-heads. I think that any addiction is a bad thing and people who can't live without pot probably should (live without it).

  • DanTheMan

    I was a heavy user of marijuana during my late teens/early 20's. Not a period I look back at with fondness. I became very paranoid and depressed (a personality recipe that made me very ripe for JWism). I don't blame this solely on my marijuana use, but it definitely was part of the equation.

    If I had the chance to use it now, that would be a tough decision. Part of the problem before was that I was the whipping boy of the druggie crowd I ran with, man they just abused me. I wouldn't have the first idea how to get any nowadays. Lisavegas, I see you're in Ohio, wanna get together and smoke a doobie sometime? I'm in Columbus.

  • lisavegas420

    Lisavegas, I see you're in Ohio, wanna get together and smoke a doobie sometime? I'm in Columbus.

    DanTheMan.....Hey!!!! I 'm only 45 minutes from Columbus.....

    Let's burn a fatty.....


  • Michael3000
    Weed anyone ?

    Yes, please!!

  • Francois

    Well, not only did Stephen get stoned, but if you will look just a little more closely, you'll find that some people (approved by Jah) were heavy into mandrake, which is a drug as well. Hell's bells, there was so much screwing around, incest, adultry, fornication, and what not in the bible you can bet your last dime they were doing hashish, mary jane, alcohol and god knows what else back then. And damn. There's always the church lady hanging around making trouble for everyone else.


  • freedom96

    Tried it a couple of times, just did not do anything for me.

  • shamus

    I love weed. Just don't need to do it every day!

  • tinkerbell82

    i rarely smoke anymore....i need my lungs nice and clean for running ;) but i do have a really pretty inside-out blown glass pipe which i'd gladly donate to the highest (no pun intended) bidder

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