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  • LongHairGal


    But what if there WERE people there with money? Does this mean they are obligated to give money to somebody who in all likelihood never wanted to work? What if they were denounced, like I was, for having a full time job?

    This 62 year old sister is lucky she has a son to go live WITH. What if she never got married and was an old single woman who had no kids to take her in and she was stupid enough to listen to the religion and not plan for her future? She’d be so screwed it wouldn’t be funny.

    This could have been me if I were stupid enough to cave in to all the criticism and peer pressure from fools to get me to quit my decent job. Thankfully, I followed my gut and am now retired.

    You know what else? Many of the hypocrites with cushy lives who pushed poverty for young women like myself in the hall have passed away and are not even around to help any unfortunate women who followed insanely stupid advice!

    There is no way I could be around the Witnesses today and have anybody coming up to me asking for money for these people. NO way, not after what I went through!

  • sparky1

    'Old Sister Midge,

    Went to the 'fridge,

    To get herself something to eat.

    But when she came there,

    The 'fridge was bare,

    Because Watchtower her funds did deplete!'

  • Spiral

    LongHairGal, everything you say is true. The "poverty pushers" at Warwick don't care that their bad advice has put people who listened to them into poverty. They are "warm and well fed" and are ignore the consequences of following their cult. So sad.

    Aren't we glad we are all out?

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    Doesn't look like his fridge is empty....

    Image result for jehovahs witness anthony morris

  • Bad_Wolf

    Give the money to the WT, and when you have no food and ask for help, they will tell you, "Contact your relatives you are shunning for help, because it's an emergency we'll let it pass this time. After you get food and money from them, resume shunning until they realize this is the truth and return. The WT focuses solely on literature so can't help you out!"

  • smiddy3

    A great thread , listen and learn lurkers. Jehovah`s Witnesses a charity religion ? sorry I`ve gotta puke.

  • Good JW
    Good JW

    Here's the full picture from that watchtower for your amusement:


    Pic 1

    Problem: No food

    Solution: Give up your last dime to the WT

    Pic 2

    Problem: Having a son you "have to shun" (i.e. kick them to the curb). So tragic when a JW has to lovingly hate the person closest to them, what a hard life they have.

    Solution: Keep your brainwashing topped up.

    Pic 3

    Problem: Health issues

    Solution: Talk about it (other JW will help you bury head in sand by talking about magical future solutions).

    Pic 4 (my favourite!)

    Problem: Masturbation

    Solution: Speak to 2 voyeuristic men about it who'll ask you all about the details, and if you're lucky, this may lead to a judicial committee for further inappropriate grilling (e.g. sleeping with a pillow could lead to porneia).


    Where would the JWs be without wise counsel such as this? Truly blessed people to have food at the proper time...

  • zeb

    WT Wizard.

    You left out one important thing.

    it is this. Dont tell anyone especially any jw of your modest stash of food or batteries anything. Why especially jw? because they cant shut up and the kingdom gossip line would run hot and you would have a convoy of jw coming to your house for freebies. This may attract others street wise and quite undesirable.

  • Alive!

    I’d say the global Bethels and Wallkill fridges and freezers are full to the brim and always nicely stocked.

    The writing department.....congratulations, this illustration and article was another nail in the coffin for me, a former dedicated believer and fund contributor to the materially comfortable lives of the bethel-dwellers.

    To put this kind of guilt on the impoverished elderly is beyond reproach.

  • AlwaysBusy

    I don't know what to say.

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