I found an old pamphlet in one of my JW books. About the Hoxsey cure

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  • eyeuse2badub

    I grew up in Southern California (the LA area). Many jw's went to Mexico and the Hoxsey clinic for treatment of various ailments. I've been there several times myself to take brothers and sisters and my own mom! Most went there hoping for a cancer cure. The "treatment" consisted of a special 'tonic' and a very restrictive diet. In my experience, the Hoxsey clinic treatment helped just like prayer helps. In other words, if a person believes that god will cure them of cancer if they pray fervently, so be it! Some folks that I knew got some relief after trying the Hoxsey "cure" but others died, some of them were very young! Neither prayer nor Hoxsey could help some of them!

    My mom, well she went there for arthritis treatment. She said it helped. Moms are usually right----except when they're wrong!

    just saing!

  • Giordano

    JW's were under educated.... still are....... and obedient to the failed 'medical advice', of the Society. Let's call it what it was and still is....... Quackery.

    So what followed were JW's treating their cancer with coffee enema's, grape therapy etc. and/or heading down to Mexico to be treated with the latest Mexican quackery and then returning home to die.

    The ban on blood exposes them to any number of situations like cancer and traumatic injury.

    Belief in the 'truth' often makes them the first to die when proper medical treatment is denied.

  • BluesBrother
    "I know so many who would go to the BS chiropractor. This quackery does not only mean cracking bones it gets into Kinesiology which is crazy ass BS. Acupuncture which I always found funny because its a Chinese spiritual load of crap. I went with several JWs in the 70s to a chiropractor who would prescribe drinking a quart of salt water to crap your guts out and do enemas. It was supposed to detoxify"

    I once knew a "sister" who was a qualified kinesiology practitioner . The Wt published an article saying that it was dubious and maybe demonic. Overnight her client base among the dubs plummeted. She rebuilt her business though. Her elders never called her out.

    Personally I have had acupuncture. It did nothing for me but what I had was not "spiritual". Wife and I regulayly have chiropractic treatment, nothing wrong in bone adjustment. That has done us good.

    There are loads of people spending shedloads of money on health foods and off-book treatments ,not just dubs . Certainly, in the past at least, they were susceptible to it due to a miss trust of mainstream medicine ,sparked by the blood issue.

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