WT should admit that 1914

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  • bobld

    was a man made date when Jesus came and that a generation is not 102 plus years.

    Why not say something like this.When the disciples asked Jesus for a sign and the end of the age.Jesus gave them a composite sign and said all these things will take place.When-before the people NOW living(at the end of the age which no one knows)have all died.

  • atomant

    The bottom line is noone really knows if and when armageddon if there is such a thing might come.All through the ages there has been talk of an armageddon.WT have proven beyond any shadow of a doubt THEY SIMPLY DONT KNOW WHAT they are talking about.

  • talesin

    That would be admitting to one mistake, it's true.

    Would that make everything okay? What about blood transfusion martyrs? And the 2-witness rule? For example.

    In addition, if they admit to being wrong, what does that say about being directed by g-d's holy spirit? Is he toying with them (us), or are they false prophets? Why do g-d's spokespeople keep getting these end-of-days dates wrong?

    Those could be thought-provoking questions, if I were still a JW. Questions that could give the GB and their overlords pause. Admit to one flaw, and the downfall of the Tower could be imminent.

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell
    This is not the WT style. Like 1975, they will just quietly stop referring to the date and then after 50 years it will be forgotten, like all the other dates the WT has used.
  • scotoma

    One of the things the watchtower uses to show that the Bible is a unique book is that unlike other historical accounts the Bible speaks about the errors of the leaders whether, kings, priests or judges. The candor of the bible writers seals their authenticity.

    But JW's hide everything about their leaders. Rutheford was a drunk and a womanizer and loved to show off his big cars.

    Russell had his problems. It appears the biggest job given to the faithful and discreet slave is to take their brooms and try to tidy up their mess.

    If there is a new world the so called apostates will have much more credibility than the organization officials.

  • krejames

    Scotoma: But JW's hide everything about their leaders. Rutheford was a drunk and a womanizer and loved to show off his big cars.

    Correction: But JW's hide everything about their leaders. Rutheford IS RUMOURED TO HAVE BEEN a drunk and a womanizer and TO love to show off his big cars.

    Sorry - I do agree with you 100%, but quoting hearsay as fact is the number one counter productive feature of us "mentally diseased" apostates.

  • 2+2=5

    Rutherford was rumoured to have been a real piece of shit.

    That's how we do it, right Krejames?

  • mynameislame

    They have already moved it to the 90s with the new overlapping generation teaching. My guess is they will soon be referring to a single generation that started in the 90s.

    I was wondering why they used such a confusing explanation to extend the "last generation". And I think I figured it out.

    The explanation is much more confusing than it needs to be. I believe this is on purpose. They know that most people will be embarrassed that they are too dumb to get it so will just go along.

    That means when they go about dropping 1914 all together and just concentrating on the 90s all the confused people will be relieved that they have an explanation they can finally explain.

  • jookbeard

    it has to be quietly dumped very soon, not just every year that passes but every day that passes it loses more and more credibility, another subject I love to speak with them about in the rare chance I get to speak with them, they are a laughing stock.

  • jookbeard

    I never remembered this WT though

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