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    Bill Covert:

    You were able to talk about all that with a Postal Inspector? Wow!


  • Asilo Carlotta
    Asilo Carlotta

    Thank you with all my heart. These communications are very valuable. A hug from Italy!

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    Asilo Carlotta:

    Thank you so very much! What a nice compliment!


  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert

    Yes. It was interesting for comment that these sort of letters were not that uncommon. Realize there was a reason the church put my letter writing in their 2013 "Human Apostate" talk. Those letters are rough, designed to attack the conscience of cowardly elders who were terrified of a "wolf pack" led by a swindler who had a 30+ year career of swindling widows in the JW church. If you were to read my introductory post you would see I got one in2007.When I taped a court case of this swindler defrauding a widow of which was hidden by the Appeals Committee judge at my DFing to the church doors, 5 days later the main problem elder had a heart attack. The last thing he saw thru the oxygen mask was the face of my #5 son of whom he tried to get to suck his dick. My son did the CPR on him, He told me there was sheer terror on the fucking cowards face, seeing both the son of the man who hunted him down and the child he tried to molest.

    In 2014 I had a 1 1/2 hr phone conversation with Barbara Anderson for the purpose of opening her eyes as to the revision of Lev.5:1 in the then new RNWT. I commented as to even with the church demanding obedience to the organization and becoming blind as to abuses on the widows I could not understand how they could let the swindler Ray D. slip judicial accountability. Oh she said that was easy to understand. She said Merton Campbell. And connected the Red Bluff Ca. molester Henderson, of whom she highlighted in her 2002 "Dateline" story. I could hear her mind stop, she asked "per chance could I be the guy in Northern California who wrote the most offensive letters to the Watchtower, during her time in Bethel. She had a friend who's job was to feed incoming letters into the memory system. I said that was a bingo. So I have had a lot of practice in mind fucking gamesmanship.

  • Atlantis

    Good grief! You have certainly had your days with the Tower!

    Hope everything is better now.


  • LongHairGal


    Wow, what a horror story you tell about your experiences in the JW religion. I am so sorry for the mental anguish to your children and I hope they have been able to move on and live happy lives.

    It’s scary to hear about the guy you mention. I always knew there were some predatory individuals in the religion and an older lady alone is a prime target, even in the world in general..But, I was younger back then and in the workforce..However, there were enough other Users there I had to fend off from time to time!

    I am very Glad I got the hell out of this religion years ago because I’d have to be nuts to want to be surrounded by any of this now! So much for the so-called ‘true’ religion!!

  • vienne

    We dealt with the USPS inspectors. It does not seem to be the role of a postal inspector to monitor letter content. Police? Yes, if it is threatening. And the letter here is not a WT society letter. Still interesting. I'd like to see the more recent Watchtower Society letters.

  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert

    Bill Covert 9-25-21

    Nicolas Jacquette

    Institut Montaigne

    59 Rue La Boetie 75008

    Paris France

    There was posted on a forum that you are involved in a effort to rectify human rights issues pertaining to Jehovah Witness control of human life by means of their judicial policies.

    Enclosed is the September 1 1987 Watchtower article “A Time to Speak When?” which lays out the church “Gestapo” informant policy. If you can wrap your mind around the “witness” in paragraph 5 who is ‘answering a call to testify’ and the “witness” in paragraph 6 who is reporting suspicious activity that could be a sin, so that it might be investigated by the elders. You will realize the power to put the church out of business.

    You will need to go to a web site “Bible Hub” to understand what Leviticus 5:1 is all about. You might want to consult a Jewish Rabbi. In the Jewish system crime prevention was a community responsibility and in court proceedings there was what is called “a call to testify” meaning in a court proceeding a “call to testify” could be put out by the judge and anyone in the community who had knowledge pertaining to the case at hand would be required to bring forth testimony so a righteous judgment can be realized. Once you do that you will realize that there was a deception being put over on to the people in order to establish a “Gestapo” informant policy. By the changing the “witness” in paragraph 5 from being a witness answering a “call to testify” into a “witness” in paragraph 6 who is an informant.

    The secondary thing you are interested in is that the “man doing the public cursing” is a crime victim. In the Jehovah Witness realm this “public cursing” constitutes a “sin” that needs reporting. So that there blows up the J. W. informant policy. If you consult a Rabbi he will tell you that the one putting forth the “call to testify” would be a judge, magistrate, person in charge of judicial proceedings.

    What you will end up with is a deception was fabricated for the purpose of creating a policy to control decent, questioning church authority.

    Enclosed also is a copy of the 2013 Revised New World translation of Holy Bible revision of Leviticus 5:1. That revision has been cloaked in silence, there has not been one word of discussion as to why they revised Lev.5:1 or what the real meaning of that revision actually means. To understand that the ‘informant policy’ is based on a deception is to understand that when that policy is stood up next to the prohibition of blood transfusion then the WTB&TS becomes guilty of murder!

    So the question you want to answer is; What moral, ethical and legal requirement is the church obligated to reveal to it’s followers of whom forfeiture of human life is a requirement on prohibition of blood transfusions [to take blood has the sanctions of disfellowshipment and shunning] that the church uses deception in order to fabricate policy. So in France what requirements are in place that would require transparency so that families confronted with the blood transfusion issue would have the information that the church uses deception in fabricating policy so the people can make a informed decision as to whether or not to forfeit human life.

    Once you wrap your mind around the answer to that question, then bring in the Australian Royal Commission finding that the J. W. “two witness rule” as applied to child molestation is pure bull shit per Deuteronomy 22: 25-27 as only one witness was sufficient in getting a rape conviction. Once you get those three policies stood next to each other, then you can start stacking other other policies side by side; human rights violations from the “shunning policy, prohibition of widows taking swindlers to court, and so on and so forth.

    Now let me show you what is going on. Matthew 24: 34 was the ‘corner stone’ of the entire preaching message of the church. That blew up in 1975. In reality the church went from being a religion with special knowledge of the “last days” into being a work of Fred Franz fiction. The years of 1980-84 were very important years in that the church was directionless, they had no answers as to what to teach being as it was Fred Franz idea of 1975. And he was losing his mental facilities. The church had two problems; one, no cash flow as their sales of literature had recently deemed taxable, two they had no message, with the implosion of 1975. So in about 1983 they had a meeting and criminally conspired how to solve those two problems. There and then they ceased from being a work of fiction into being a true criminal conspiracy! Using their own words they became a “snare and a racket”!


    To create cash flow the church conspired to violate federal banking laws prohibiting non-profits from engaging in for profit commercial banking. There was a two day Kingdom Hall building program in which the congregations would get loans from the church at commercial interest rates. The evilness was in the paper work of the loans that deeded over ownership of completed project to the WTB&TS unbeknownst to congregation. This is evidenced by the Menlo Park California court case, where the church to the court stated that they are a hierarchical church exactly like the Catholics [big surprise]. This is also evidenced by the fact that in recent years the church has liquidated real estate portfolio and pocketed the proceeds. Especially now as molestation cases are draining their funds. Also evidenced when the WTB&TS spun off the people into a separate legal corporation the “Christian Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses”. Thus separating the people from the bank account. The main evidence of wickedness is the forgiving of K. H. loans, as the government put a cease and desist on the loan program. So in reality what the church did was to build a world wide real estate empire entirely paid for by the people, now being liquidated because of church apostate policy of covering over molestation’s because of their bull shit apostate “two witness rule”!

    Sort of related. The church liquidated their Brooklyn N. Y. buildings for $2.5 billion dollars. Please You Tube Lorenz Reibling in Argentina offering multiple multi million dollar funding for developments.


    Problem two what to teach now that 1975 blew up Matt. 24:34. The “oracle” Fred Franz was losing his mental facilities and no one could replace the master of bull shit. So what they came up with in 1984 was the “obedience to the organization mantra” to where instead of having ‘spiritual food’ to feed the congregation they simply just shut down the minds. All church’s need enemies, all human rights violations need enemies. No need to lecture a French man as Hitler and the Jews. Prior to 1975 the enemy was Satan the devil. Starting in about 1985 there was a brand new, never before known enemy emerging the “individual apostate”! This new enemy would be anyone questioning church authority. Hence no need to provide “new light”, new spiritual food as now any complaining was now a apostate.

    Now back to the Watchtower article Sept. 1 1987 “A Time to Speak When?” . This was published at the very formative years of the “obedience to the organization mantra”. What the church was doing here was to fabricate a hunting license to hunt down apostates! But in order to do it they needed to pull off a deception as there is no Bible based policy to inform on the brotherhood. Hence the changing of the purpose of the “witness” in Lev.5:1 from being a “witness answering a call to testify” into being a “witness required to inform elders on possible sinning for the elders to investigate”. So that deception was fabricated to hunt down apostates! Yet there is no mention of apostates in that article, pretty slick.

    Now comes 2013 and the Revised New World Translation of Holy Scriptures. They revised Lev.5:1 into a very scholarly correct translation. This exposes the deception of the article “A Time to Speak When?”. Of which exposes the policy prohibiting blood transfusions as murder!

    If you get your mind wrapped around all that, then your are able to start and see that the deception of lev.5:1 is evidence of a 1984 conspiracy to conceal the total failure of Church being Gods special people with special knowledge as to the “last days”. In that the purpose of the deception was to hunt down anyone questioning church authority. Then the real wickedness and evilness becomes apparent as the church policies result in the deaths of many people for various reasons and the robbing people of educations and the pursuits of normal living, such as the raising of children which was robbed by pioneering.

    This should help you to get your mind more focused on just how terrible their human rights violations really are.

    The article “A Time to Speak When?” was based on a real event. The medical clerk in the article was actually a nurse in Oakland California hospital who saw a married sister scheduled for a abortion and reported it to elders. She was black balled out of medical profession. Married my uncle.

    In 2013 I myself made it to France in a J.W. convention talk “Human Apostates”, they did not like my activities. If you want to read that story Google “Jehovah Witnesses Discussion Forum look up my name Bill Covert and read my posts.

    You can also Google Lloyd Evans “JW Survey” site go to 2013 blog “Silver Sword” there you can read the information there. That information went about 3 pay grades above Lloyd Evens head. So I am very much hoping you and your group will come to see the power of the very small deception of Lev.5:1 and realize its power to accomplish you task at hand.

    If you want to see who is talking to you Google “Covert’s Mobile Truck Repair” Redding California.

    Any questions

    Bill Covert

    Letter following day as newspaper reporter had column in paper requesting news leads

    Bill Covert 9-26-2012

    Ed Komenda

    Record Searchlight

    You asked.

    Yesterday I wrote a letter to Nicolas Jacquette of the Institut Montaigne, Paris France. His social media appeared on a forum, stating a group of advocates and lawyers are taking on the Jehovah Witness Church for human rights issues derived from the church’s “Shari” style judicial court system.

    To understand the technical point of the Sept. 1 1987 Watchtower article “A Time to Speak When?” is to understand that the death of the pop singer Prince Rogers was a crime! To understand that technical point is to understand a conspiracy that was hatched for the purpose of covering over failure of the preaching message that the “Last days” of Mathew ch 24 were upon us and that the battle of Armageddon was imminent. Basically they were as full of shit as Harold Camping was, but were not going to admit failure as Camping did. To understand the Jehovah Witness judicial court system is to understand one of the largest human rights violations of modern time. As the church uses “shunning” to control any descent.

    I am 75 years old, I have 5 sons of whom I have not talk with since 2004. 6 years ago I got the youngest back as a alcoholic , he is now a poster boy for recovery, they got him in Enjoy mag.. I think I have 10 grandchildren, though I do not know all their names. I have been fighting the church for 30 years, which started with a $4.250M unregistered securities fraud Shasta Co. Superior Court case #109555 1991. Check with Maline H. [retired city editor Record Searchlight] for how long I have bugged her for some help, she can provide charter reference.

    Solomon said “there is nothing new under the sun” which is true. To understand that technical point is to understand the root of all evil, money! As I stated Jacquette, the church had two problems 1980-84, no cash flow, no message. Everything since then has been geared around money. They created a world wide real estate empire until the Feds. shut down their commercial banking scam. Currently we are awaiting the news releases of molestation’s law suite filings by attorney Irwin Zalkin [check out BSA molestation settlement] which were derived from Calif law removing statute of limitations on older molestation’s in 2020.

    YouTube Lorenz Reibling in Argentina, offering multi million dollar funding, that should be where $2.5 billion derived from liquidation of church real estate holdings in Brooklyn NY.

    So how big of a story do you want, and are that big enough to take on a church?

    Bill Covert

    Next is to elders involved with the Matt.18: 17 process

    David Guerra, David Hansen, Rick Montalvan 10-30-21

    I went to my 56th Weaverville High School reunion 3 weeks ago. Of course the subject of JW’s came up. I was told of a widow in McArthur who was studying and starting to come in and was encouraged to buy securities, causing some McArthur locals to canvas the area inquiring what as to what kind of people would do this. I asked if this was in the 1990’s they said yes. A few months ago I talked with someone from the San Diego area who said he sat in Ray Dales patio and waited until Ray came home. He said Ray came in turned on 3 TV’s, turned on opera on stereo, started to cook, noticed being watched, came out and talked. When asked about Bethany, he cried because Bethany treats him like you treat me, he is cut off from grandchild. When asked about all the widows he swindled, he peed his pants.

    Mr. Guerra years ago the very last conversation we ever had you acknowledged that indeed Ray was a crook. You were quick to point out my sin of not being obedient to the organization. What you failed to recognize was your own culpability. There is a procedure in the Bible to control crooks and bullies. You can find it in Matt.18:17. You three men [pussies] sat in that official proceedings. You three cowards put Ray Dales prearranged decisions which came out of the mouth of Ray’s crony Arrasmith into West Enterprise official record.

    A couple of years ago I emailed a San Diego JW attorney if he knew Ray Dale his reply was that he was among several JW attorneys who knew Ray. No reply on the follow up Lev. 5:1 material. In the San Diego area Ray is referred to as a snake, yet in good standing in the church.

    There is something called “the cloud”, it has an unlimited memory bank. There is another memory cloud that has a memory bank far exceeding the internet cloud. That cloud is found in the memory of an individual of one who wants to be known as the God of widows and orphans!

    Enclosed is a letter I sent to Paris France. The next day in the paper was a reporter requesting leads for stories. I have not heard back from either. Newspapers are businesses, they run on profits, they like to come in on popular stories or stories about the aftermath of a bad event. All of which made the Boston Globe story on Catholic molestation’s so special.

    In the Paris letter there is enough material for me to do to Tony Morris just like what I did to Jr Wheeler. Realize it will take somebody about 5 pay grades above you to understand what is being said. Realize this is like talking to my own sons I am merely bouncing ping pong balls off the wall, But! To be able to show that the WTB&TS fabricated a deception in the Sept. 1 1987 Wt. Article “A Time to Speak When?” for the intended purpose of bring into being a hunting license to ferret out apostates, is to prove the death of the pop singer Prince Rogers was criminal!

    As to Matt.24:34, 1975 was its death bell! What we grew up believing was nothing more than Fred Franz fiction. As described in the Paris letter the 1984 “obedience to the Organization mantra” was nothing more that a mental hijacking of the minds in order to prevent the fleeced sheep from escaping the pen. The WTB&TS rule by fear! They hold the family captive to instill fear of any who would question their lack of real spiritual food!

    Although there is one exception. The 2013 RNWT revision of Lev.5:1. That is real spiritual food! It opens up the entire Jewish court system. It provides the means to handle a criminal such as Ray Dale. It makes a crime free community environment, a community responsibility. Yet the Governing Body has cloaked that revision in silence!!!

    Fear is a powerful tool. It is also a two edged sword. I have been writing these fucking letters since 2004. Yet every letter is the same; Lev.5:1 and attack a Redding elder who’s hands touched Ray Dales $4.250M unregistered securities swindle. Just bouncing ping pong balls off a wall. Keeping the pot stirred.

    I watched David Splane’s talk on apostates liking us to bottles of poison. He held the bottle of poison and he poured out some poison when at the conclusion he stated courts do not render truthful decisions, using the trial of Jesus to prove the point. He was simply being pro active in fucking with your minds in preparation to the media reporting the backlog of molestation law suites resulting from courthouse closures due to Covid. Calif., Ny, New Jersey and other states passed legislation of removing statute of limitations in 2020 on JW molestation’s. The Watchtower has a apostate [see ARC on Deut.22:25-27] policy of requiring two witnesses to a molestation. Now it is going to bit them in the ass!!!

    Mr. Guerra I am a old man playing mind games [Eccl. 9:13-16]. I hunted down Jr. Wheeler, took him out with the Brenda Decker court case #149893 taped to the church doors. The last thing he saw behind the oxygen mask was the face of the child he tried to get suck his dick.

    The Governing Body go out of their way to bad mouth those who left the organization in 1975. They assume no responsibility for their bringing into being the 1975 fiasco. These people are not nice people. Theses people enforce a policy that requires forfeiture of human life enforced by removal of family upon any who would take blood. Yet they withhold the information that they use deception in fabricating church policy. You and every other Redding elder are safe from reprisals for being cowards when confronting Ray Dale’s wolf pack Acts 20, for the reason the church wants to keep secret its traveling men sell the Word of God, Simony, and take bribes Isa. 1:23 from criminals. Like Frank Colombo, Ray Dale was a corrupter, everything and everyone he touched he made corrupt. To where he enjoyed unfettered access to widows bank accounts.

    How ever you are not safe if I can expose the deception of Lev.5:1! You cowardly pussies failed to protect the WTB&TS from the stigma of being Ray Dales enablers, and receivers of money looted from widows bank accounts. The only thing important to the WTB&TS is cash flow! For which they need a flock to fleece. There is going to be a big drain on their bank account because of their own apostate “two witness” policy on molestation’s.

    I do realize I am bouncing ping pong balls off the wall, but that is one hell of a mind fucking chess game of positioning Redding pussies against the Governing Body for their mutual self destruction.

    Just a fucking apostate Eccl. 9:13-16.

    All three of these were mailed to local publishers homes

  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert

    Here is the letter they got this week end. Joe Moore, Bob Harsten 11-6-21

    I see why Splane in his apostate bottle of poison talk ended with calling into question court decisions being of apostate origin. Him along with the rest of the Governing Body are the defendants in the “Hines vs Watchtower” molestation law suite. This over the actions of Jack Barr and the then not member of the GB Gerrit Losch. It seems both of then covered over a pre teen girl being raped by her own father, a man named Briggs, who was a important film maker doing movies for the WTB&TS. The raping occurred both in Bethel and in Arizona. Google it.

    The Hines case was filed along with seven other cases I believe on the very last day of removal of statute of limitations in N.Y.. I believe that brings a total of 29 older cases. As of August the window of time has closed for old cases in NY.

    California has three year window, 2020-2021. Of which I have not heard of any older cases being filed, so that all remains ahead.

    I watched a ugly news report of the Kingsburg Kingdom Hall not wanting to cooperate with investigation into a molester, June 8th.

    Mr. Moore it is getting ugly. I had watched Stephen Lett performance at the outbreak of Covid. He really poured it on that we are in the final part of the final part of the last hour of the very last day of the final days. Evidently he was full of shit [he had the appearance of a trained monkey]. Had he said we were in the beginning of the “great tribulation” I would agree but of a different tribulation, that of the church reaping what they sowed with their apostate “two witness rule” in regard to the rape of children Deut. 22: 25-27.

    So Mr. Hartsten we have another year to wait out what will happen in California. Realize the attorney Irwin Zalken was very busy in the Boy Scout molestation case. Now all the N. Y. cases are filed. So soon the California cases will appear in the media. But you are not going to worry because you know that is just a apostate media. You know the church would not lie to you, don’t you. Although you know the church lied about the Lauderdale letter. Yet you chose to remain silent, so the church could hide their selling the Word of God to your investment buddy Ray Dale.

    Both of you sinned against the Holy Spirit! Especially you Mr.Moore, you lied [Rev.20: 8] in a Appeals Court case, you hid the Brenda Becker case out of malice. You destroyed peoples lives just so the church can cover their selling the Word of God to Ray Dale. You are both cowards of the worst sort. Evidently you were more fearful of a “wicked and evil slave” than the God of James 1: 27.

    We are living in the “last days”, the last days of the WTB&TS. By means of their apostate “two witness rule” relating to the rape of children they have become the architect of their own demise. The people are waiting to get back to normal life, but it will not be normal. The next year will bring “apostate media’ reports of molestation cases here in California. Followed by Kingdom Hall sell offs. The church will intensify their cracking down on any one who would dare to question their ruler-ship over the house of God Matt.24: 48-51. In about two years it will dawn on the minds that indeed their minds had been controlled in a mental snare made possible by the apostate policy of “shunning”! Yes the WTB&TS is a SNARE and a RACKET”!

    The WTB&TS operates in darkness, in back rooms out of sight, where my interactions with both of you took place. I have been very upfront that my goal since the inception of my writing letters to the homes of the publishers is to mentally crack you as I did Jr. Wheeler. You are both fucking cowards, hence you present the weak link to focus on. I crack you I can crack the WTB&TS. Realize from the start of my letter writing I have never tried to edify the publishers in getting them to understand that Matt.24: 48-51 shift happened in the early 1980’s with the “obedience to the organization mantra”, stemming from the 1975 debacle. These people are just to fucking dumb having been mentally bombarded by incessant haranguing to obey the church Ayatollah’s. All this changes as the church loses the molestation law suites.

    You both sold out your positions of being protectors of widows. You sinned against the Holy Spirit. Mr. Hartsetn do you remember the meeting where you, Richard Edwards, Richard Alden and Elmer Woodly tried to throw me out of the church? That was where I gave you the legal statutes to show you that you were full of shit in your position that widows took the same investor risk as you did when you got screwed by Ray Dale. It was the same meeting Elmer Woodly lied about Lauderdale recanting his letter. Elmer Woodley’s parting words as I walked down the stairs from the upper room? He said “to bad I will not be in the Kingdom”. I retorted “there is always room in the Kingdom for someone who stands up for widows”. With Rev. 20: 8 staring you in the face how would like to trade places with me.

    Sweet Dreams

    Now would you see why they put my letter writing in the "Human Apostate" talk

    As to my #5 fucking raging alcoholic son, he is sober working as a cow hand on a ranch. It is giving him a masculine identity. He was a volunteer fireman, on the very day he was to complete his physcial he went to work at UPS 4:00 AM to load trucks, heavy rains, UPS had a pop up tent at door entrance, collapsed on his head. Sever neck damage, he got a crooked attorney, got screwed again. He has had some very hard things happen to him. The root cause; a swindler, coward elders, circuit and district overseers being corrupted by Isaiah 1:23 and a idiot Merton Campbell sitting on Northern Cailf. Service desk.

    When Barbara Anderson did the Maples molestation story on A&E turned out the molestation happened in Fortuna on the coast from Redding. Two weeks later Barbara emails me do I know a certain sister, yes I did. The Maples story brought out another woman who say's this certain sister in 1983 drove her to the coast, druged her and made this 7 year old into child porn [where this case is at I have no idea]. But there was a connection between this certain sister husband and some dirty laundry of a problematic county supervisor. I was able to alert my county supervisor as to possibility of county being sucked into a church child porno scandal. So my son went from being given a tent to join the homeless because he burnt through all his mental health chances, to being sent to a major mental health facility in Napa Ca.

    He became the poster boy for County Mental Health success. TV interview, California Mental Health interview, poster boy in community magazine. He hates my guts. When the rest of the family threw him out, he came to live with his apostate father. I got all the hallucinations, seizures, cops at the house in middle of night, took him to the hospital, picked him up when they let him out of mental lock up. that bastard took me down a three year journey down a deep dark rabbit hole. The past three years climbing out of that dark hole was just as bad. I haven't heard from him since he got his ranch job. Best thing that could of happened for him.

    I play a completely different game than you folks I play for KEEPS!

  • Earnest

    Bill Covert : The main evidence of wickedness is the forgiving of K. H. loans, as the government put a cease and desist on the loan program.

    Hi Bill, can you provide any further information (documentation) regarding this "cease and desist on the loan program" ?

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