Where's Da Judge?!!!

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  • cabasilas

    Personally, I don't think he's there. I believe the stories that he was secretly buried at Beth Sarim. After all, this was the time when they believed the "Higher Powers" were not the earthly government and why would a zoning law keep the Judge from his final wish?

  • VM44

    hi cabasilas,

    Here is the alternate location for Rutherford, Beth Sarim in San Diego.

    The former owner of the house, Dr Chan, is said to have said to visitors that Rutherford was buried under the garage!


  • kid-A

    Burial of human remains requires legal documentation. Even if the WTS chose not to erect headstones or markers of any kinds, they would have most certainly have needed to fill out the paperwork before dumping Rutherford in an unmarked grave. All burial records must legally be stored in State records repositories and would therefore very likely be accessible to the public. Bottom line, if Rutherford is there, there is legal documentation of it somewhere, unless Knorr and Franz donned hooded cloaks one night and dumped the carcass in a hole in the middle of the night.....which is very unlikely. The church itself would also be required to document each and every internment on its property or risk losing its licensure.

  • homejah

    I hope those photos are reposted.

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