12/31/2018 World-wide action “Escape from the watchtower" #escapefromthewatchtower

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  • stillMS

    @AlexPancho - I've watched several videos on your channel: almost in each one of them you promote nekudaidti.com - which follows FSB and the Russian Orthodox (one of FSB departments, in fact) narrative.

    Just look at the article showcased on its main page at the moment:

    If it's not an FSB crap/BS - you tell me.

    (TLDR; - the article goes in to lengths in comparing JWs ot Nazis, and pushing the idea that it was JWs who inspired the alleged young attacker in Kerch for mass murder. It's 100% bullsh%t - and there is no way any reasonable JW can trust a website promoting such stories)



    Hello, I enjoyed your post and visited your website. I hope this helps you as there is some good information on these links. Please see:







  • AlexPancho

    @stillMS On our YouTube channel, there are mostly interviews with those who left the Witnesses. At one time, the site "no where to go" (nekudaidti) has very much affected many witnesses to leave the Organization. We can not influence its content at this time when it became politicized, but we can not forbid people to mention this site in an interview. Unfortunately, all is not enough time. Once I was one of the leading translators of materials to the Russian language, however, I did not deal with it for a long time (now I plan to change this situation a little). The problem is probably that the Russian language does not have qualitative and structured content at all.
    By the way, my site is http://openbook.gq/ - though it was updated last 8 years ago

    @MADMARY Thanks, ill see it in my pm )))

  • stillMS

    @AlexPancho - got it, forgive me if I'm overly suspicious with everything dealing with Russians (as a Ukrainian, you should understand the reason behind it, I guess :) ).

    I agree there is very little jw material in Russian that is unbiased and objective. BTW, if you need help with your activism in the Russian/Ukrainian field - I could probably be helping you in my spare time. Feel free to PM me if you feel like I can be of help.

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