12/31/2018 World-wide action “Escape from the watchtower" #escapefromthewatchtower

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  • AlexPancho

    Good afternoon! We are ex Jehovah's Witnesses.

    In this video, we begin the world-wide action. We call it action “escape from the watchtower”.

    Slavery in the United States was abolished on December 18, 1865. The fortress law in Russia was abolished(аболиш) on February 19, 1861.

    But Jehovah's Witnesses are still in captivity, in fear that they or their loved ones will ban communication through a procedure known as disfellowship.

    We offer three easy steps to release:

    1. Write a letter asking you not to be considered Jehovah's Witness.

    2. Send it on Monday, December 31, 2018.

    3. After sending the letter write a message on the social network with the tag #escapefromthewatchtower.

    I have long since left the organization of Jehovah's Witnesses. During this time, many Witnesses wrote to me that they could not come out of the practice of deprivation of communication.

    But if it's done together, in one day - then such a step will be much easier.

    You will see that you are not alone.

    Perhaps the one who seems active Witness has long burnt out, but is afraid and wants to escape.

    Probably the one who does not go to the meeting for a long time, but remains formally the Witness also wants to escape.

    Probably many sisters doomed to not have children and the husband will also want to escape this day.

    You do not leave God or Christ.

    You simply break the connection with an organization that had promised a quick end a hundred years ago and promised that millions of people would not die then.

    If you've already left the JW community - distribute this video, translate it into another language and place this tag in the social network TODAY and December 31, 2018.

    If you can help those who leave the Organization on December 31, 2018, put one more tag on this day - #icanhelpjw and provide your phone number, email or other way of communication with you.

    Only together people can break through this iron curtain, because he is also made by people.

    If you waited for a sign, then he is.

    Escape from the watchtower! You are not alone!

    We start video into Russian language:

    So, if you ready to help us - write seems video in Enghlish. You can send your video to my email- [email protected] and we make some video into English and shared on our Y2B channel.
    Or just write some video and provide into your own channel - no limit, no hard rules


  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Simply by saying nothing incriminating and walking away from the org by totally shunning meetings, assemblies, conventions, & field service is all that is needed for many of us - myself included.

    Why should I dignify the org's/elders' false authority over me by submitting a formal letter of disassociation to them? When do the org/elders ever put anything in writing to a publisher? Don't play their game.

    Your solution may work for some, but many will want to leave without suffering PTSD.

  • truth_b_known

    I agree with Fall Guy. The first thing I decided once I left was to stop using Watchtower terminology and never to play by their rules. To play by their rules is to acknowledge their authority.

  • dubstepped

    Disassociation is awesome but you have to have the guts to take that stand and you don't do it because a hash tag or forum post or video tells you to do it on a certain time frame.

  • stillMS

    I guess everyone should walk his own way in this regard. Those who can leave without losing their families, will do it any day ASAP after waking up. But for the rest of us, trapped inside with our families, the way out is very individual and usually is much longer - depending on the circumstances.

    Maybe, I'm paranoid, but there is smth suspicious in that ex-JWs Youtube channel and the site they promote (nekudaidti.com - kind of 'Whom Shall We Go Away To') - as it looks too much in accord with Russian government anti-JW propaganda and even wording.

  • AlexPancho

    nekudaidti.com - its realy supported Russian NGO "Center Apologetic Research", but our channel created into Ukraine, and I and my friend create and make start of this action.

  • Tameria2001

    I recently found out that by writing a letting is a very bad thing to do. When a person does this, they give up their civil rights regarding the Watchtower.

    This was where I learned this from.


  • dubstepped

    @Tameria - Oh good grief. How many times has that ever been an issue.

    People that go on and on about not writing letters are usually those without what it takes to write one. Do or don't, it's up to you, but the anti-disassociation rhetoric is weak and easily shredded.

    The whole "you're playing their game" argument is usually put out by people that are playing all kinds of JW games to keep toxic family while those that disassociate can just move on without having to pretend anything.

    If fading is your thing, do it. If disassociating is your thing, do it. It's a personal choice based on many factors. There is no right or wrong no matter how much certain people, for whatever reason, demonize disassociating. It's just different. The Borg holds power over all of us to some extent or we wouldn't be here.

  • stillMS

    AlexPancho - I don't have a way to tell who's behind your YT channel or the website, but from the content I see there, it looks like the authors are seriously influenced by Russian government propaganda (anti-cultist, pro-Orthodox, anti-USA, etc.).

    It may work for the Russians who are also brainwashed by the same propaganda, but for the rest of the Russian-speaking JWs those ideas and aggressive, 'pushy' propaganda would most probably look weird and inattractive. Having some Ukrainians involved doesn't help the situation much.

  • AlexPancho
    stillMS Thank you for your opinion. I do not understand where you think about the relationship with the government or the influence of Russian propaganda. I personally know the creator of Youtube Channel, he lives in Ukraine like me. So, the comments often come up with different thoughts - but we are not responsible for the comments. The site does not have this project at all.

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