Why wasn’t O’Donnell charged with receiving stolen goods.

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  • joe134cd
    I didn't get the impression the person in question burglarized the Kingdom Hall. It sounds more like this person just walked in and took the documents. It doesn't sound like the local elders found the front door of the Kingdom Hall busted open and the file cabinet pried open as well. It sounds more like an elder was just going through files and noticed them missing.

    This adds clarity to the situation. As the person was a member of the corporation, with voting rights (e.g an elder with a key to the cabinet) this explains why watchtower couldn’t legally go after him, but subsequently removed him from the corporation for bringing that corporation into disrepute.

    If this scenario is correct, it sounds as though the theft was more a protest, in that he deliberately wanted to be found out. Why steal the physical files. It would of been more concealing to have photographed the documents and returned them to the cabinet. Then when they turned up on the internet, just deny it. He would of been a fool to have thought that the other elders wouldn’t of noticed such important files missing.

    If the objective was to be caught red handled, then why appeal his removal from the corporation (e.g disfellowshipping). Unless the purpose was just to stoke the hornets nest even more.

  • Diogenesister

    (This is my ignorance showing here, so bear with me)....But didn't this elder have a right to be in possession of the documents in the first place? If he then felt they were important evidence to the commission of a crime, and he then handed them over to the authorities (via Mark), I can't see what the issue is?

    Am I missing something here?

  • davisitocarrion

    la razon por la cual la wt no hizo la "denuncia" por el "robo" de documentos confidenciales, es porque esos documentos fueron sacados desde dentro mismo de la base dato de la corporacion sectaria WT, esa es la respuesta a la gran incognita de porque no se le acuso a Mark O'Donnell u a otros. No lo olviden eso amigos ex jw

  • joe134cd

    Can someone translate the above post please.

    DIOGENESISTER- I think you hit the nail on the head with that scenario. I think that was exactly the case for the resulting outcome .

  • Longlivetherenegades

    joe134cd here you are.....

    the reason why the wt did not make the "complaint" for the "theft" of confidential documents, is because those documents were taken from within the database of the sectarian corporation WT, that is the answer to the Big question of why Mark O'Donnell or others were not charged. Don't forget that ex jw friends.

    You can equally just copy on Google translate and you get the translation.

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