Creationist on their death bed

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  • waton
    You on the booze? My consciousness is always guaranteed

    sbf: I have had several operations, a heart attack, knocked myself unconscious in a fall (removed memory of how it happened too), but was always alive. so, to be alive does not guarantee experiencing it. How could being dead guarantee continues or restarted experience? and then the creator removing such unproven certainty?

  • Vidiot
    waton - "In my experience, even while alive, consciousness is not guaranteed."


    They're called "creationists".


  • Chook

    You have to try stop worrying about the things you can't change , if there is some invisible force in the skies I have seen him interfere in to much suffering and when your dead there's no more pain.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel
    Do they really believe all that noise they spread? As they lay there contemplating their final breaths, do they really believe that soon, they will start a new life. In our ever changing world that teeters on the brink of annihilation, they believe that none of this even mattered and they can just jump into a "perfect" new world?

    Yes, I believe everything I've ever told others. I have no doubt that man and animals have spirits, and that they existed before they came to the earth and that they'll continue after they depart this world. I believe intelligence cannot be created nor can it be annihilated. When I look at a dead body, whether it be man or beast, it's obvious to me that something is gone. It's more than a light that goes out. It's like it's gone.

    I have no fear of death and am content to go whenever the good Lord calls. (In truth, this is but a figure of speech. I believe our friends and families are the ones who oversee our lives until we're called home. Those who have had near death experiences that I believe have all described what they experience in the same terms. The colors, the vastness of that world which is every bit as vast as our own. The buildings, the plants, even the discussions they had with their friends and families who had previously died. One (who has since passed on for the last time) said they don't like the term "death" because of the connotations it has. Another, who also has passed on, said his father at first rebuked him for the life he'd lived, but then embraced him and told him he could stay. When he asked to go back and put his life in order, his father told him he could return, but that he would come for him in five years. He returned, turned his life completely around and became a whole new person. Some who knew him well had doubts about his story, but he said all they had to do was count the years. Sure enough, five years later he passed. He fell sick and his family swears he called out to his father just before he stopped breathing. So I have no doubts but what he was telling the truth.

    Years ago, I became ill. I didn't die, but I had hallucinations. I remember seeing oranges that would change shape on a television screen. Then they changed colors. My wife said I said there were "oranges and pumpkins" on the TV screen. My point is that later I couldn't remember the details, the shapes or even the colors. In fact, I could remember shapes, but no colors, nor anything else. I experienced a hallucination. The people who have near death experiences have memories as any rational man would. Colors, people, who said what when and other things they experienced were all completely non-hallucinatory in nature.

    So people can believe what they wish.

  • Vidiot

    re. Coded Logic's OP...

    Pretty sure that a significant number of 'em are - deep down - scared it's all horseshit.

    Know how I know?

    'Cause that was me.

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