With up to 70% of young ones leaving what's the future of the jw's?

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  • millie210
    Island Man
    As bad as the defection rate among youth is, the success rate for creating JWs from the womb is still higher than that for creating them from the doorstep. So they'll just try to increase the JW reproduction rate and intensify the childhood indoctrination process.

    So, Mormonism style?

  • Phizzy

    Polygamy as Noo Lite ? LOL.

    An Elder I spoke to not so long ago, who has had much pain recently, so no way was I rocking his boat, was bemoaning the fact that they simply do not have that demographic of guys maturing, literally and "spiritually", who can be filling the roles of M.S and Elder.

    They are simply not there in the Congregations.

    10 years ago I saw them appointing guys who were simply not up to it, so how bad can it be now ?

    I thought I would be long gone, ( 6 foot under ) , by the time the JW Org went under, but I am beginning to wonder. Maybe this old bugger will see the Org's demise !

  • smiddy

    We are seeing the decline Phizzy , but I doubt you or I will see the the demise of this organization in our lifetime.

    Wishful thinking on our part I`m afraid.

    When I was still in 30 years ago it was evident that young ones were not taking the organization seriously nor were they reaching out for spiritual priveledges in the congregations .

    They were then leading double lives ,going to clubs ,drinking ,enjoying what the world had to offer,and these were sons and daughters of Elders , they were doing what normal young people do who are finding out who they are as they go from childhood into puberty and into their teenage years .

    The old guys of the GB have no idea how the young people think and reason either then or now.

    And I think thats great , because the more they allienate themselves from the youth of today the less they will have tomorrow.

  • Vidiot

    Phizzy - "10 years ago I saw them appointing guys who were simply not up to it, so how bad can it be now?"

    Scraping the bottom of the barrel.

    Why else do you think that - a few years back - they quietly reversed the restriction of "former" child abusers not serving as appointed men?

    The well's running dry.

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