With up to 70% of young ones leaving what's the future of the jw's?

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  • blondie

    I know some churches that are dwindling because the population in small towns and villages are aging out. Young people are leaving for larger urban areas for jobs. The same is happening in rural areas and KHs.

    Congregations have a family of 5 move to another nearby congregation. A sister in that congregation says they have an increase but it is only moving 5 from one to another. I always ask, are they newly baptized? No, and tells me what congregation they moved from. So no increase overall, so the other congregation went down 5, right?

    It is easier to disappear or fade in large urban areas. I always wonder though who are the increase in the memorial attendees, faded, df'd, da'd, inactive, non-jw spouses, children, relatives?

    My family called them submarine witnesses, only surfaced one a year for air.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    My family are the most indoctrinated JW I have ever known, 38 JW's in my family and only 3 of us(my sons and I) walked away since 1965, that's it. Great nieces and nephews are not thinking about leaving. it would take God himself to come down and tell them you are in a cult and they may still turn to the GB and ask, is He the deceiver? My JW family are fanatical it's scary, I don't see not 1 young one leaving soon.

  • wifibandit

    When they try to share what they've been taught:

  • smiddy

    OK wifibandit whats bluey saying to pinky and whats her thoughts.

    I`m all ears .

  • joe134cd

    In the congregation I was in before I faded, there were about 5% in the 28-25 year olds. All were born in. I can count more of my peers who have left than are still in. Wt has simply got to start doing better if it wants to last the next 50 years.

  • pale.emperor

    Of the 30 kids that were in my old hall (yes, 30 kids!!) only 5 of us including me stayed in. I've since left, 2 have moved hall and the remaining 2 are hit and miss.

  • snugglebunny
    My family called them submarine witnesses, only surfaced one a year for air.

    In the higher echelons of UK dubdom they're known as Memorial Saints.

    And it's meant to sound mocking.

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    They're gonna start encouraging parents to study more with their children and provide incentives like telling them they can count field service time on such family studies and can record them as a bible study. They're also gonna start encouraging single-inclined sisters to get married and have children.

    As bad as the defection rate among youth is, the success rate for creating JWs from the womb is still higher than that for creating them from the doorstep. So they'll just try to increase the JW reproduction rate and intensify the childhood indoctrination process.

  • Vidiot

    @ Island Man...

    A Watchtower "Quiverfull" movement, huh?

    I dunno... it's a pretty significant contrast to their tradition stance, but it does fit with the recent pressure to get 'em baptized younger and younger.

  • krismalone

    Superstition & ignorance breeds religion.

    Education empowers while religion ensnares.

    Cults will thrive where there's a lack of education. In this information age, especially with the internet, JW's and other cults will start to have stagnant growth. Eventually a worldwide decline will occur as we already have seen with Japan for well over a decade.

    With 80,000 JW deaths a yr (1% death rate) and another 1% that are df'd every year, it's the foreign speaking sector where the growth is in the US, Canada & Britain. 3rd world countries and JW children keep the global numbers from negative growth.

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