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    blondie’s first thoughts wt study on 2/3/2019 (November 2018, pages 23-27(jehovah’s thoughts)


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    OVERALL: “Are You Making Jehovah’s Thoughts Your Own?”

    The first thing that popped into my mind was what about 1 Corinthians 2:16?

    NWT: For “who has come to know the mind of Jehovah,* so that he may instruct him?” But we do have the mind of Christ.

    But the WTS dances around the point that we cannot come to know the mind of Jehovah but only the mind of Christ.

    Note this evasion in 10/15/2015 WT leaving out the “But we do have the mind of Christ”:

    GOD’S MIND: The Bible teaches that God’s “understanding is unsearchable” because his thoughts are so much higher than ours. (Isaiah 40:28; 55:9) Appropriately, the Bible asks the rhetorical question: “Who has understood the mind of the Lord so as to instruct him?”​—1 Corinthians 2:16, English Standard Version

    Or here in the 10/15/2010 WT:

    Does this mean, though, that we should not even try to understand Jehovah’s way of thinking? No. Although we can never fully understand all of Jehovah’s thoughts, still the Bible encourages us to gain “intimacy with Jehovah.” (Read Psalm 25:14; Proverbs 3:32.) One way we can draw closer to Jehovah is by showing regard for and paying attention to his activities as recorded in his Word, the Bible. (Ps. 28:5) Another way is by getting to know “the mind of Christ,” who is “the image of the invisible God.” (1 Cor. 2:16; Col. 1:15)

    Or here in the same issue:

    As we read the Scriptures, what should we do if we come across a passage that is difficult to understand, especially regarding Jehovah’s thinking? If after researching the matter we still do not have a clear answer, we can view this as a test of our trust in Jehovah. Remember, at times certain statements allow us an opportunity to express our faith in Jehovah’s qualities. Let us humbly acknowledge that we do not understand everything that he does. (Eccl. 11:5)

    Or in the Insight Book Volume 2 page 305

    The apostle says by way of illustration and argument: “For ‘who has come to know the mind of Jehovah, that he may instruct him?’” No one, of course. “But,” Paul says of Christians, “we do have the mind of Christ.” By getting the mind of Christ, who reveals Jehovah and his purposes to Christians, they are spiritual men.​—1Co 2:14-16.

    If you search the WT Online you find very few references of the “mind of Jehovah”.

    The second thing I noticed was how often the phrase “Jehovah’s thinking” or a version of it appears in each paragraph.

    2) Jehovah’s thinking, Jehovah’s thoughts; 3) think like Jehovah, Jehovah’s view, Jehovah’s thoughts, God’s thoughts; 4) think like Jehovah, his thoughts, God’s thinking; 5) his thinking; 6) Jehovah’s thoughts, Jehovah’s reasoning, his point of view, Jehovah’s thoughts; 7 & 8) Jehovah’s view, his view, Jehovah’s thinking; Jehovah’s view; 9 & 10) Jehovah’s view, God’s view, view of Jehovah 11 & 12) God’s view, his view, Jehovah’s view, thinking of God; 13) Jehovah’s viewpoints, Jehovah’s thoughts; 14) Jehovah’s view Jehovah’s view; 15) Jehovah’s thinking; 16) Jehovah’s thinking, Jehovah’s thinking; 17-19) Jehovah’s thinking, Jehovah’s thinking, make his thoughts your own, Jehovah’s thinking, Jehovah’s thinking, God’s view; 20,21) Jehovah’s thoughts, Jehovah’s thinking, Jehovah’s thoughts.

    Paragraph 1: child obeys parents (obedience to father is foremost per the WTS)= then should jws obey the GB as if they were their father, that God is not our father? More readily from the heart = are so many jws not doing this that it merits a study article? Gratitude=jws not showing gratitude?

    Paragraph 2: Jehovah’s basic requirements=as explained by the GB, even if it is not in the bible? (see paragraph 19) Where are God’s thoughts on Christians=only jws having beards? Is that in the bible?

    Paragraph 3: difficult to understand Jehovah’s view of moral cleanness (see paragraph 12)=how many times as the WTS adjusted their view of what God’s view is on can a jw spiritually divorce a mate for homosexuality or bestiality in the marriage? Or that if 2 people of the opposite sex not married to each other, stay overnight under the same roof unchaperoned, that it can serve as proof of fornication or adultery? Where is that in the bible?

    Paragraph 4: system of things, worldly=view of WTS/jws of all non-jws as being apart from God

    Paragraph 5: more than superficial reading…much more than merely highlighting the answers=wake up jws, does this mean the attendants will be looking at your study magazines in the KH to see how many are doing this?

    why God commands one thing and condemn another=God commands? Or GB commands? Not just meditating but meditating appreciatively?

    Paragraph 6: prove to ourselves, yes, convince ourselves that Jehovah’s reasoning on all matters is perfect=but is the GB reasoning on God’s reasoning perfect?

    Paragraph 7: Thinking and actions work together=yes, actions are louder than words; then the WTS cites James 2:17 leaving out the most important verses, 15 and 16 to see this in context, how we should treat others; how many jws that use words essentially saying “go in peace; keep warm and well fed, but you do not give them what they need for their body, or what benefit is it.” To emphasize, that they need for their body.

    15 If any brothers or sisters are lacking clothing* and enough food for the day, 16 yet one of you says to them, “Go in peace; keep warm and well fed,” but you do not give them what they need for their body, of what benefit is it?

    Paragraph 8: Some parents (jw parents too) insist on the best for the children materially, even at the expense of their children’s spiritual health=or elders who care for the spiritual health of others in the congregation but neglect their wives and children?

    Paragraph 9: god’s view of stumbling others=elders will tell the one that has been seriously hurt by gossip or fraudulent business practices that they should suck it up and forgive that person and in no way telling the other person that they have put a millstone around their own neck? Can you think of some “callous actions” and how the elders handled them; this is what finally made me leave.

    Paragraph 10: What do our actions reveal=finally are they going to address the “callous actions” mentioned in paragraph 9; no they gulp down the camel and strain out the gnats of dress or grooming that turn on the brothers too much. We know men can’t control their sex drive.

    Such reactions are understandably more common from women than from men. On the whole, males seem to have a more pronounced sexual drive. They are more easily aroused. And it is less likely that some upset or distraction would disincline them from seeking sexual relief. On the other hand, women are often more sensitive, their emotions being more finely tuned. Hence, a wife’s interest in sex might be diminished by some concern, a dispute among the children, a sick child or a harsh word from her husband. Additionally, overwork or the effect of her monthly cycle might make sharing in marital relations an effort rather than a pleasure.​—Gen. 31:35; 1 Pet. 3:7.

    Paragraph 11: Jehovah hates unrighteousness=but not the unrighteous, right?

    Then there is the meaning of the word “hate” with which we are especially concerned here. It has the thought of having such an intense feeling of dislike for or strong aversion to someone or something that we avoid having anything to do with such a person or thing. In Psalm 139 this is spoken of as “a complete hatred.” There David said: “Do I not hate those who are intensely hating you, O Jehovah, and do I not feel a loathing for those revolting against you? With a complete hatred I do hate them. They have become to me real enemies.”​—Psalm 139:21, 22.

    Paragraph 12: certain practices are wrong, even though they are not specifically mentioned in God’s Word. For example, lap dancing=thus the GB adds to the bible with their perfect understanding of God’s thinking.

    Paragraph 13: future decision=yes, jws are not applying the WT directives until they are confronted by the issue.

    Paragraph 14: By immediately rejecting the attempted seductions of Potiphar’s wife, Joseph had given thought to Jehovah’s view of marital faithfulness=so Joseph is praised by doing something right without their being a law against but what about his older brother Judah who had sex with a temple prostitute but then was ready to kill his daughter-in-law Tamar?

    As for Tamar, her course was not an adulterous one. Her twin sons were not considered to be the dishonorable sons of sin, sons of fornication. For, when Boaz of Bethlehem took the Moabitess Ruth in brother-in-law marriage, the elders of Bethlehem said to Boaz: “May your house become like the house of Perez, whom Tamar bore to Judah, from the offspring that Jehovah will give you out of this young woman.” (Ruth 4:11, 12) And so Perez is listed among the respectable ancestors of Jesus Christ. (Matt. 1:1-3; Luke 3:23-33) Perez’ mother, Tamar, was like Ruth in not going sexually after a young man.​—Ruth 3:10.

    As far as Judah was concerned, he thought he was having relations with a prostitute. In this he was not acting right, for it was God’s original purpose for a man to have relations with his wife and not for the earth to be filled with prostitutes. Still, Judah did not sin in the sense of transgressing a specific command of God’s law, for the Mosaic law was not given until much later.​Gen. 2:24; compare Leviticus 19:29.

    Paragraph 15: resolute refusal…pointed reply to the king showed that they had given thought to what was involved=where was Daniel, didn’t he have the same rank as the other three and required to attend?

    Paragraph 16: giving advance thought…personal time to weigh such matters is not in a hospital=yes, don’t have the elders come and find non-jw relatives there, no documentation filed by on you, and expect the elders to be able legally to advocate “your” decision not to take blood.

    Have you investigated and found that the WTS has made accepting hemoglobin-based products as a conscience matter even though they are manufactured from human and animal blood?

    Paragraph 17: misguided advice—have elders or other jws given you misguided advice?

    Paragraph 18: his people…full a share as possible…well-meaning=buzz words by the WTS to make you feel guilty.

    Move away from home to receive additional education=does that mean staying at home and receiving additional education is okay?

    Paragraph 19: we cannot prepare for every conceivable possibility=but don’t worry the WTS and their representatives will tell you if you missed one.

    Paragraph 20: life without end on a paradise earth=I thought the WTS has stopped using the phrase ‘paradise earth.’ I was wrong.

    Continue to exercise free will…make choices according to his or her preferences (now wait, don’t get excited see paragraph 21)

    Paragraph 21: Of course, such freedom will not be absolute=only relative freedom as explained by the WTS.

    Final comments:

    So, it seems many jws either don’t know, don’t want to know, or know but don’t follow the GB in regard to what they say God’s thinking is. I’m betting that the elders are the worst offenders.

    So if you want God’s thoughts, don’t bother picking up a bible but look up only what the GB/WTS has to say about it.

    As an elder conducting the WT study asked, “what do we base our beliefs on” as he started holding up the WT; the COBOE grabbed the mike fast enough to comment and say “the bible” as the conductor was being caught in an embarrassing situation for the BOE. Another elder told some new elders at their first elders meeting, “we don’t need to use the bible, Brother New Elder, we use this as that elder held up the elder’s manual. (I’m not making this up)

    If you still attending and have found this website or others that give support to ex-jws or those who still go and are struggling, don’t be afraid to visit them and share. I guarantee that at least one person knows where you are at.

    Love (philia), Blondie

  • nowwhat?

    Well you picked a doosey of an article to make your comeback!

  • WTWizard

    What if joke-hova's thinking is that the whole human race is nothing more than cattle to be exploited and enslaved, even at the expense of exterminating all life on the planet so that thing (and its reptilian brothers) can move here by the end of the century? Do you still want that to be your thinking too? Well, if you follow this washtowel, you do.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Blondie, lovely to hear from you. Your insights as well as your common sense obliteration of the bullish:t are so welcome.


    Thank you, Blondie! Once you put away the rose-colored glasses, nothing will ever change in Watchtower land. Obey the ''faithful and discreet slave'' and leave your brains at the door.


    20, 21. (a) Why will we enjoy relative freedom in the new world? (b) How can we obtain a measure of that joy now?

    20 We keenly anticipate the new world.( We have only waited over 140 years) Most of us are looking forward to life without end on a paradise earth. ( ''paradise earth'' never appears in the Bible) Under Kingdom rule, mankind will be set free from the sorrows that characterize this system of things. Of course, even then, people will continue to exercise free will. Each person will make choices according to his or her preferences and desires. ( Actually, Elders will run the show with more rules and regulations. The rules are tight right now, let alone when Elders have more power and control. What are the choices, preferences, and desires that each person will have? They don't tell you!).

    21 Of course, such freedom will not be absolute. ( You knew that was coming) In matters of right and wrong, meek ones will be guided by Jehovah’s laws and his thinking.( If you reached perfection in this new system, why don't you know what is right or wrong?) This will be delightful, resulting in the greatest joy and abundance of peace. (Ps. 37:11) Meanwhile, we can have a measure of that joy now as we make Jehovah’s thoughts our own. ( Actually, since the ''faithful and discreet slave'' are running the show here on earth, Jehovah and Jesus are standing in the background. ''God's thoughts'' are replaced by the Governing Body and all their false beliefs, doctrines and practices).

  • steve2

    Great to see your reviews of Watchtower study articles, Blondie!

    Yes, the writers ask knowing exactly what answer they'll give: Who knows the mind of Jehovah? No one. Fat lot of use the holy spirit is.

    Congregation ties itself in knots over a religiously daft idea.

  • Rattigan350
    The thing about Joseph was that his father had 2 wives.
  • blondie

    Thanks all. Some WT studies inspire me more than others. Rattigan350, there was no law saying having more than one wife or concubine was wrong then, even the law code allowed it along with having concubines. It wasn't until the first century that Christians were directed to have only one wife (though some have disputed this on JWN). The law code even allowed men to divorce their wives on something flimsy. Women were not allowed to divorce because they were only allowed one husband at a time. Adultery was the only way out for them. Adultery then for men was defined as having sex with someone else's wife or a woman engaged to another man. And if a man had sex with a virgin woman, he had to pay her father some money and marry her and THEN he could not divorce her ever.

  • waton

    The thing about Joseph was that his father had 2 wives. R350.
    The thing about Joseph was that he probably was turned off by older ladies that commanded him to provide male services; he preferred prison to that. "Everybody is drawn out by his own desire" he was not going sire for her desire.

    thank you blondie for sparking these wt comments not allowed in the hall.

    apropos wt always blaming the victims, asking to take more. (after all,we have only 4 cheeks to turn) It absolves the offenders and encourages them not to change, and to keep dishing out more.


    JW Weekend Theocratic Meeting UK February 3, 2019

    You can watch today's Watchtower meeting on The study and answer session is painful and exciting as watching paint dry.

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