Youtube videos doing the JW rounds. Gods name

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  • pleaseresearch

    So here in the UK this video is getting JWs very excited. Now my mum actualy said it wa funny to hear JW music at the start and finish. So I'm wondering if the Watchtower had any input into this. My brother has said it's a worldly video but it's a good one to watch.

    It does take 1 hour to watch but it's interesting.

  • OrphanCrow

    Of course the film has Watchtower connections.

    Saying that the film isn't a Watchtower production is like saying a leopard isn't a cat.

  • Sliced

    May be a very skilled Jay dub made the film? It doesn’t necessarily have to have official backing.

    I haven’t watched it, but I’m sure it’s full of propaganda and incorrect information that could be picked apart by an expert.


  • pleaseresearch

    Thank you OrphanCrow I will have a read of that.

  • blownaway

    Thanks for the link OC. First thing that came to my mind was who was Drei Linden film and what connections do they have. Lots of smoke here and some fire. The JWs are desperate to find vindication and support even if they have to manufacture it.


    Uhhgghhh.... the music... Also, I found time to skim through the linked article.

    As soon as I saw the word “Stoops” a bell went off. “Brother Stoops” has been making money via Dubism for decades by selling “Theocratic” products. Anything from tract holders to book bags. ( Assuming it’s the same guy/family..pretty bizarre coincidence..)

    ps. Thanks for the dislike A-holes..

    DD 😎

  • Wild_Thing

    It has always struck me as ironic that JWs are so haughty about insisting that God's name has been removed from the Bible (i.e. "YHWH appears in the Bible 6,000 times", etc.), yet they have no problem taking such liberties with biblical translations elsewhere in the NWT.

  • sparrowdown

    Who knows how many guises and six degrees of seperation pies WT has it's slimy fingers in.

    Nothing would surprise me any more - nothing.

  • slimboyfat

    So many things to say about this film.

    Overall I enjoyed it and found it persuasive actually. The story of Jehovah’s Witnesses and the divine name is a remarkable one and they tell some of that story sometimes compellingly.

    But why not mention that Rolf Furuli and Gerard Gertoux are JWs? I guess Didier Fontaine didn’t make the cut because he’s not JW loyalist enough. And what’s the deal with Stephan Mark, who is he? He’s inside a church, so presumably not a JW.

    Very interesting quotes from Christian sources about disuse of the divine name. I do suspect they are correct that the churches stopped using the name in part because JWs use the name.

    They describe the NWT simply as “one popular version”. Such furtiveness does them no favours.

    The quote from Nehemia Gordon about the Holocaust is a bit disturbing.

    The video claims that there were more JWs at the end of Nazi rule than before. I don’t think this is correct. There were around 20,000 JWs at the beginning of the Third Reich, and around 10,000 at the end. It took a few years for them to pass the pre-Nazi peak in the postwar years. I am not certain about these figures (off the top of my head) but I am fairly certain the number of JWs decreased over the Nazi period. Some 1,200 were killed, but many others abandoned the faith because of persecution.

    But overall a very interesting video on the divine name.

    And yes Drei Linden is an independent JW media outlet in Germany. It is interesting that they are still producing such material in contravention of Watchtower’s 2007 censure of such activity. I do not think this material is Watchtower approved. No official from the organisation makes any appearance, and those JWs who do appear, Gertoux and Furuli, are arguably marginal these days.

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