The Enormity of It All

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  • CruithneLaLuna

    My children (still teenagers, living with their mother and their elder stepfather) have chosen to have nothing to do with me, and no longer communicate with me; but I remember trying to tell them, not that their "Truth" was a big lie, but that as one who had deliberately turned my back on the religion and walked away, I was learning that the impression that the Society gives JWs about many supposedy "bad" things are biased and skewed. That didn't go over very well, of course.

    Many here would doubtless say that I have taken this to extremes, athough I do not engage in anti-social behavior, or promote anything that I consider likely to harm anyone. In fact, I consider that everything that was good about me that harmonized with Dubism has been strengthened and refined since I left the org; and gratitude is due for release from senseless struggles with one's own humanity, that one cannot truly win. (Try to kill nature, and your own death is the most likely result. This is true on so many levels.)

    I don't mean to write in riddles, but I agree "it's enormous," and therefore I don't plan to go into detail here and now.


  • Hamas

    Its pretty big, eh.

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