The little things that made you feel guilty as a JW?

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  • stuckinarut2

    @wake me, thanks for sharing your story.

    I have to ask, HOW did that Brother get to keep his "privileges" even to the point of being interviewed at an assembly?

    Did you keep his name quiet?

  • polish clarinet
    polish clarinet

    knocking at people's door and giving them litterature which I knew was worth nothing.

    Telling them our organisation was in the truth even if I knew it was false

  • tiki

    Liking rod Stewart songs...and! Hating field service...loathe to do was supposed to be such a joyous work....that's about it....the guilt wasn't a big issue for me...mine was fear of torture in concentration camps....and all sorts of deprivations......

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    When I was a horny teenage boy looking at a playboy because I wanted to see a naked women. I thought there was something wrong with me and God was going to kill me for this unforgivable sin. Still Totally ADD

  • millie210

    freddo that was such a sweet story!

  • pale.emperor

    1. Missing any meeting.

    2. Wanking

    3. Looking at porn

    4. Disagreeing with a Watchtower article

    5. Going on a day out with non JWs

    6. Going for drinks with my workmates

    7. Pulling a Christmas cracker (that's not a euphemism for number 2 by the way )

    Man, i was so indoctrinated.

  • silentbuddha

    Back when I was still attending those crazy meetings I had an obsession with reggae music. I hated the kingdom songs with a passion however for some reason reggae songs that talked about highly Selassie and various other Rastafari and concepts really appealed to me and did something to me spiritually they were very moving in that they touched on real issues and not the panda pitting paradise we always talked about in the watchtower. I also knew that singing the songs and listening to them was tantamount to interfaith and ultimately if any of the brothers found out that I was doing this it could lead to all sorts of trouble. However as I Made my path towards leaving the organization and ultimately my disassociation one of the final public talks that I actually gave was pretty much a rewrite of one of my favorite reggae songs and no one noticed and I got quite the chuckle out of that

  • Sanchy
    Having a slice of birthday cake at work
  • confused3426

    @ Sanchy I was always a rebel, I ate thanksgiving food, x mas food at work. I didn't care lol

  • Sanchy


    Hehe.. you were full-on corrupt weren't you. I in the other hand would feel bad for days, often praying for forgiveness just for having some cake :)

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