Thank you so much - I am really touched

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  • careful

    freddo, thanks for the insight re: the "circuit heavies." It is only reasonable that some WT heavies must be talking about this. Especially COs/appeal committee members who will have dealt with child abuse issues more than the average elder.

  • doubtfull1799

    Yes I am an Aussie!

    @Onager - yes that's what I fear, I'm hoping for an exception to the rule...

    @freddo - no it was hardly discussed here at all. A few publishers and Elders watched it but whitewashed it, claimed the brothers gave a great defence. The body of elders basically had a local needs part about being careful not to believe what you hear in the media - that was the only response, to warn people not to believe anything they hear about it!

  • freddo

    @doubtfull 1799

    Well the fact they had a local needs on it is a sign it rattled their cage somewhat.

    And if anyone seeing the ARC thought that O'Brien and Toole and co gave a great defense then I've got a bridge they can buy off me cash up front.

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