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  • doubtfull1799

    Just wanted to thank everyone so much for all your responses to my first post. I am overwhelmed by all the replies and supportive comments that came through overnight while I was asleep here in Aussie land!

    I will absolutely endeavour to reply to each one individually but it will take some time as there are a lot to go through. I look forward to further correspondence with each of you on the topics you have raised and the questions you have asked. In the meantime just wanted to make some quick comments on a couple of common themes that came through in your replies:

    1. I have listened carefully to the many comments that have advised against dissociating. I will take these on board and think further on the matter before making any hasty decisions. It is a hard one for me. I understand the point about not playing by their rules and I certainly appreciate the severe consequences as yes, ALL my social circle are currently “in.” However, on the other had, I also feel that I am compromising my integrity by not doing it. And at the end of the day I value my integrity more than I care about the personal consequences. With the exception of my wife of course, and she has promised to stick by me and respect (despite not supporting) my decision, whichever way I go. Most of my friends are only friends because of our common spiritual heritage, they are not normally persons I would have much in common with outside the organisation. There are a few special and close friends though that are exceptions to that rule that I hope will be loyal to our friendship, but that of course remains to be seen. And from the experience of others I have read about it is likely they will not survive if I formally disassociate. On a side not, I was thinking of just doing it verbally instead of writing a letter as G.Jackson indicated in his testimony any the ARC that one didn't need to go through a formal process and suffer the consequences that process implies - I thought I might test that theory!

    2. A coupe asks about the writing. I will share some more experiences down the track but just wanted to clear up that I have never been a Bethelite or worked at headquarters. Select branches have a writing desk/department that contributes to the head office writing department. I worked under the writing desk of the Australian branch office, which doe snot actually require one to be at Bethel. There are many researchers and writers in many branches that contribute to articles or even come up with ideas for articles. I will explain the process another time.

    3. I don’t know if I will publish my manifesto here when it is complete as it is really just a personal compilation and interpretation of material already covered by many others before me. I have certainly gone through jwfacts, Penton, Gruss etc and many others. I think Lloyd Evans has already written more comprehensively than I will be on all these subjects and am looking forward to reading his book. But I may share specific parts of it as I continue to contribute more to these boards in time as particular subjects come up.

  • cofty

    I just caught up with your first thread. Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing your story.

  • finallysomepride

    Welcome, great you found us.

    Me, I'm a kiwi living in Brisbane

  • Finkelstein

    Doubtful1799 you sound like a person that appeals to personal integrity and honesty, that being so it very hard for someone such as yourself to go blindly and not notice the decisive corruption that is inherently intertwined within the Watchtower Corporation and its core doctrines.

    Most of that doctrinal corruption has obviously come about the endeavoring proliferation of the literature the WTS publishes, made to touch and exploit people's emotions than to accurately adhere to true bible interpretation .

    The juggling of doctrines such as this generation, 1919 or the jostling movement of who are to be identified as the FDSL, is just some the recent intent the GB heads to white wash over doctrinal teachings that were becoming a problem for their problematic attributes.

    The WTS over the years created a tainted commercialized version of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and now those doctrines have theoretically painted the organization into a corner, their struggle now is how and what direction to take to get them out.

    Welcome to the forum, I'm sure your viewpoint will be greatly appreciated by many.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    And at the end of the day I value my integrity more than I care about the personal consequences.

    I'd do the same if I were in your shoes. Easy for me to say; I have never been in your predicament

  • notalone

    Dear Doubtful, welcome and know there are many wonderful people here that can be here with many perspectives on leaving. I would like to offer how my family addressed this issue. As a forth gen that had raised a fifth in the org, we had many discussions on this. My husband was particularly determined to disassociate. We wrote a letter, manifesto. When my husband was on a business trip he mailed it from a large city. In it we did not give our names or location and stated that if Jehovah wished he could let them know who we are. We still have a couple of friends who are as close as ever with. They know we do not go to meetings, and they don't push it. I do not undermine their faith, but when issues arise I do direct them only to the Bible. Recently, the witnesses have gotten away from deep Bible reading, opting instead to just watch or listen to things provided. I have found that they find just reading whole chapters of the Bible without a commentary surprisingly refreshing. I could not be able to reach these ones I love if they knew we were dissociated. Well, I guess I'm a little rambling and this is just one more experience to consider. I hope you have a really good experience in making this decision without someone else's guideline.


    Without the [current] support of your spouse you will probably be struggling with angst along with a host of other emotions and feelings -

    I can only hope it will change - I was in an almost ditto situation to yours - and I am still struggling with tremendous anger issues against the Borg. My wife and kids are out too, but with her it too may never have happened. She had her light-bulb moment while in hospital for Breast-Cancer and it was a true light-bulb moment !!

    She had never been exposed to any "apostate" material at all. She simply read the Bible bed ....without the use of the WT pub. and something "clicked" . Who knows.. maybe your wife will have a similar exp.

    Btw you used the term Primary School in your first post.....are you in Aussie? South Africa?


  • smiddy

    doubtfull 1799 you have a pm .

  • Onager

    "There are a few special and close friends though that are exceptions to that rule that I hope will be loyal to our friendship, but that of course remains to be seen. "

    Hi Doubtful, welcome aboard if I haven't said that already, I'm half asleep due to a baby who didn't want to sleep himself last night!

    Just wanted to give my personal experience on the comment you made above. I had some really close friends when I was a JW, but only one has kept contact since I left (not disfellowshipped, just left). One other sends single responses to texts I send, but doesn't engage. Even the one true friend goes silent after getting an indoctrination session on the perils of bad association and I just have to wait it out until he calls again.

    In fact, from looking on this forum at the assembly literature reviews I can predict when this will occur.

  • freddo

    Nice to hear from you again.

    As a side point and as an elder did/do you find much comment or response to the ARC over there? Is it talked about behind closed doors or a select few or openly or maybe not at all?

    Here in the UK quite a few local circuit heavies know about it and a few talked about it to each other on the low down.

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