Hitting the fan: CD epidemic at my Hall

by neat blue dog 35 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • Finkelstein

    The JWS theology consists of pointing out the false doctrines of other religions identifying them as false religions (unrighteous) but they dont place themselves under that same scrutiny and critical evaluation.

    Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely

  • LauraV

    neatbluedog - what that brother did was brilliant, warned them about the sex abuse scandals and with the typical JW pompous attitude blamed it on persecution, they started looking it up right there and nobody went out in field service that day, perfect!! Not the outcome bother pompous thought he was going to get that morning!

  • Vidiot

    “These apostate-driven lies are out there on the internet and the newspapers and TV (6:00 p.m. standard time, check your local listings) and DON’T LISTEN or WATCH IT or READ IT!!!”

  • ScenicViewer
    My brother in law, who was an elder when the Dateline episode on JW child abuse came out, said the WT instructed them to tell the congregation not to watch it.

    I remember that. At the time someone in my congregation had recorded the episode on a VHS tape. The tape was being passed around and I wanted to watch it. However the talk was given which shut down viewing the tape.

    I didn't know anything about the child molestation issues until many years later when I found the Dateline broadcast, along with others from around the world, on Youtube.

  • rickroll

    You can not win with a JW, its tails they win heads you lose. They have their finger on the scales.

  • Biahi

    Maybe this elder is PIMO?

  • punkofnice

    NBD - That's a very amusing story. Let's hope the Zalkin firm wipe the floor with all 8 members of the govbod. I have the feeling those 8 gluttonous, drunken popes will wheedle out of it somehow. However, let's hope the WBT$ or whichever corporations there are now get owned big time.

    He said 'you can see that the persecution is really coming'

    So brainwashed. Or so mischievous. I wonder which.

  • Vidiot

    I gotta say...

    ...I have a tough time imagining how any WT higher-up can justify weaseling their way out of appearing on the stand, and expect anyone with a functioning brain to buy it...

    ...their own Bible explicitly commands Christians to testify to their faith if secular courts require.

    Same with spinning loss of tax-exemption (i.e. paying back Caesar's things to Caesar) as "persecution".


  • Vidiot

    Besides, according to the Org's own eschatology, isn't "Babylon the Great" supposed to be attacked/"persecuted" first?


  • EverApostate

    THe Watchtower would twist this as "Great tribulation has started and Armeggadon is within months"

    I wont be surprised if they do so. After all its a cult

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