Paradise lost - found!

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  • Red Witch
    Red Witch

    ahhhhh, the book of horrors and nightmares!

  • RunningMan

    I find the flood picture to be strangely erotic.

    What sins do you suppose the doggy in the Armageddon earthquake committed? He was probably too dog-matic. I doubt if he was Cat-olic.

  • onacruse

    NA, I checked the Aid book under "deluge" and didn't see a specific ref to dinosaurs, except for "mammoth elephants." I did a search of the .pdf files, and didn't find the word "dinosaur" anywhere. I also searched the WTS 2001 CD, and the only (admittedly oblique) refs I found were the ones I quoted above. I also searched all of Russell's works (Berean Bible Studies CD 2000), and didn't find anything there either (even in the PhotoDrama).

    I'm wondering if maybe a more specific statement was made in one of the Consolation or older Awake rags?


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