Another "pull the football away just before you can kick it" comment made by Circuit Assembly's special guest, Thomas Chicky

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  • steve2

    I recall an Awake! or Watchtower article in the late 1960s that spoke frankly of the disappointment that many older ones had felt that the end had not yet arrived - and then it went on to say something like, 'How grateful we should be that it had not yet arrived for it enabled more to come into the organization in readiness for the end".

    Always an answer. Always.

    You could re-tred that article today - almost 50 years later - and say the every same thing - except you'd probably have to sidestep the fact that fewer and fewer non-JWs convert to the organization nowadays - most of the "growth" is from born-ins.

  • Stevie Wonder Boy
    Stevie Wonder Boy

    Well the guy did say he hoped to live through Armageddon, "I hope to live through Armageddon" so I don't think he was totally knocking down that idea.

    But what he may be trying to do is buck up the baby boomers who are entering their "golden" years soon to start dying like flies, oops sorry, facing the fact that the grave, not living through Armageddon, is what awaits. The gb are losing hope their generation will see the end.

    The super emphasis on retiring older men and training younger men supports this also.

    The gb is dysfunctional. I think the second tier brothers know it.

  • Alostpuppydog

    Finally someone who makes some sense in the Jdub land! I am going to have to find some info on this intelligent JW.

  • Vidiot
    Alostpuppydog - "...I am going to have to find some info on this intelligent JW."

    Just sit tight.

    They usually end up here.

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