Another "pull the football away just before you can kick it" comment made by Circuit Assembly's special guest, Thomas Chicky

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  • greenhornet


    What this old picture reminds me of a JW cart on the street. In all essence the Watchtower is a publishing company by looking at this picture that is why there called publishers!

  • sparky1

    ...............................OLD LIES........................................................NEW LIES.......................................

    But the method of presentation remains the same, just modernized. "Everything old is new again"

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Just a little side note Tom Chicky was the one who encouraged me to get badtised back in 1970. I was 16 years old and he told me the only way I could handle microphones. After all the big A was coming. He left for bethel a few months later. His mother made my wife's wedding dress in 1974. When I started to wake up I ran into him at the wt farm. At any rate I think the wt is on to something. A new way of stringing the members on to their natural death. Still Totally ADD

  • steve2

    The solution perfecto for when a prophecy does not appear to have come true:

    Spiritualize its fulfilment.

    These post World War One Bible Students, led by lawyer Rutherford, had an uncanny knack for turning failure into fortune. So World War One ends without the end of the world order? Be not concerned because - hadn't you noticed?! - the world has ended.

  • WingCommander

    Having read all of these threads (LBC comments + this one), all I can say is how stunned I am. I know I shouldn't be; nothing about these crooks should surprise me. But there is a rage deep down inside's been burning for years. Having the, the PROMISE of my youth, of never growing old or at least dying in this old System of Things, so nonchalantly and sneakily pulled out from under me, and now actually spoken about so publicly, is just too much. This cult is a total farce, and the people running it are nothing short of low-down dirty crooks and total mutherfuggers! I'd kick the clown Lett, and smirky bastard TOMO III, and that slimy porky-pig Sanderson right in their f*cking balls if I EVER saw them in person, either around here (3 hours from WT HQ), or if I happened to pass them on the streets of NYC. Square in their tiny, brass, BALLS!! Then, as they reel in pain, I lean over and whisper in their ears, "You seeing the light now? You FEELING that inspiration pulsing thru your bosom? Jehovah says you've been a verrrrry naughty boy!!!" Then, I'd proceed to kick them square in their arses as I walk off. After a lifetime of this crap, I wouldn't care who'd see me either. My grin would be too wide to contain.

  • WTWizard

    And what type of world would I be resurrected into? One where you get microchipped at birth, force indoctrinated with lies, and treated like dog slaves with zero fulfillment until you are unable to work, and then get slaughtered? Why would I not believe that's the type of world you get reincarnated into and believe you were resurrected?

    Give up all fun now, waste your money on Worldwide Damnation Fund donations and Israel missions, and waste your energy on bringing that tyranny into existence, and you will regret it. Or, you can throw away that LIE-ble, and do what you can reasonably do for your soul. As for me, I would rather be stuck in heavy traffic, go to a very crowded mall, and spend the whole weekend shopping there for Christmas than wasting the time going in field circus or preparing to go to Israel this spring. And I would rather deal with tangled lights (yes, I have seen a few of them, and I have good ways to prevent them from getting tangled in the first place--namely, reels designed to store them), having to make repeated trips to the store for more ornaments for the Christmas tree, and the slightly higher electricity bills (they are LED lights, after all) instead of dealing with making airline and motel reservations in Israel, trying to get with the congregation there (and they aren't even posted online as to where they meet), and coordinate with the missions there.

    And, I would rather deal with decorating a whole apartment building with a roofline 20 meters above the ground on uneven ground, with lavish lighting through the whole roof, climb trees 10 to 20 meters high to put lights in those trees, and deal with more than 250,000 lights than spend even one minute going door to door in Mea Shearim. I would feel safer up the ladder putting those lights on the roof than I would while in Jerusalem's ultra-orthodox areas placing washtowel and asleep rags door to door.

  • Vidiot

    This isn't the first time this admission was made (although it seems much more explicit this time 'round, maybe because we're out and have better bullshit detectors).

    The first time I realized that the Org was basically admitting that even being loyal to the WTS still wasn't an ironclad guarantee of apocalyptic survival, the first thing that popped into my head was, "Waitasec... WTF's the point of busting my hump for the Society, then???"

  • redvip2000

    Hey, even Hitler might get a Resurrection

    Hm, that's true. Never thought of this. I wonder what JWs would say about this, especially considering the fact that the concept is that death pays for all of your sins, so in essence Hitler has been cleansed from his sins, thus is now eligible for living forever.

    So in summary, Hitler will live forever in paradise, and a lonely widow will be destroyed forever in Armageddon because she refused a pamphlet from a few dull Jdubs.

  • flipper

    " resurrection . That is our primary hope of salvation. "

    Translation : This is what WT leaders might REALLY tell each JW ( if they were honest which they are not ) - " Well sorry folks, we were bullshitting you for the last 137 years since 1879 - there really IS no such thing as " the time of the end " or " Armageddon " . It was just a ploy on our part to get you to keep supporting " kingdom interests " within the Jehovah's Witness organization which supports the WT Society through your voluntary contributions supporting Kingdom Halls that we eventually take over title to even though YOU paid for it all . Oh and don't forget you kept the " last days " in mind also while we accepted your retirement funds, inheritances, life insurance policies, your houses, cars, and other gifts you donated on behalf of " kingdom interests " . WE know it may appear dishonest of us - but you know Jehovah has a perfect organization run by imperfect men. Elders and the Governing Body are not infallible , yet Jehovah is a tender God of mercies and he'll understand. With love for the brotherhood, Sincerely , WT Society . "

    Even IF the WT leaders tried to be honest and apologize- they could not possibly be honest because it's beyond their ability to be so. This organization is run by narcissistic sociopaths who lie and has been wired for deceit and deception right from the get go back in 1879 where the 4 generations of JW " false prophecies " has cut off 8 million JW's from reality. While deceiving them at the same time. Hell of a way to become a 1 billion $$$$ corporation - but it's happened time and again throughout history. I feel sorry for these older ones who die and bought into this crap- including my own elderly JW parents. My mom died - NEVER having received these false promises from the WT Society after being in it since 1951 . I think she knew by the end of her life that it was all BS. At least she died in the here and now remembering happy memories with family of what REALLY happened - as opposed to not being given false promises. If I had a rocket launcher I'd shove it up some GB members ass

  • flipper

    Oh yes- Also Rutherford's talk should have been titled, " Millions Now Living will all Die. " At least THAT would have been honest

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