What's the most hypocritical thing(s) you've ever seen a JW do?

by Steve Lowry 36 Replies latest jw friends

  • Thunder Rider
    Thunder Rider

    Lets see????

    10 minutes before my wedding, the elder marrying us asked if our courtship had been "Chaste". In other words had we screwed around. I was floored, sure we had been good, a kiss and a cuddle once in a while but nothing further. He picked a hell of a time to ask!

    I once had an elder over for dinner because his wife was out of town caring for her sick daughter. After dinner and a glass of wine he felt the need to tell me that he wished he had married a harlot! I chalked it up to the wine, but a week later he was having problems with his computer and asked me to look at it. While in a DOS mode I stumbled across a collection of internet porn to make a sailor blush!

    Being imperfect and weak is one thing, being a hypocrite and a liar is despicable!



  • gspradling

    My Mom always put me down for celebrating Christmas and criticized my wife for sending her a Christmas card, yet she had no problem accepting a monetary gift from her stepfather every year around Christmas time. She refused to say the $200 was a Xmas gift, even though he always sent it to her in Dec.

  • willowstreet

    Most hypocritical thing.....ever.

    My husband was having an affair..(ministerial servant) and counting the time he was witnessing to her.

  • berylblue

    Some of these are heartbreaking, esp Big Tex. That is a lot more than hyporicital, BT. That was a downright vile performance on his part. I dont know how he pulled it off.

    For those reading this who don't think the WTS shelters pedophiles, think again.

    That, I think, is the biggest WT society "hypocricy" going.

  • frenchbabyface

    WillowstreetMy husband was having an affair..(ministerial servant) and counting the time he was witnessing to her.

    OH MY .............

  • closer2fine

    Not the most hypocritical thing, but along the lines of Holidays

    Wonder how many witness families have the big turkey dinner on Friday instead of Thursday(so technically they aren't celebrating Thanksgiving) - because "the turkeys were on sale"

    My whole family does.


  • UpAndAtom

    Lady Lee - That's exact it. A perfect example.

  • shotgun

    Thats terrible willowstreet...I'm sorry

    One thing that continually bothered me were elders who sat on Judicial committee's and df'd people for celebrating holidays while they're own children had done the fade and started celebrating after a few years without any repercussions and their JW families contiued to associate freely with them.

  • NeonMadman

    I knew an elder whose teenage son had raped several of the 12-14 year old girls in the congregation. Of course, the police were never consulted, but the kid did get involved with the judicial committee. As soon as the kid's problems started to surface, the elder started sniffing around all the other kids in the congregation, trying to find little things they might have said or done and blowing them up into big deals so as to make his kid look not so bad in comparison (though none of them had done anything like what his son had done). He called me one night to ask me about some stupid little insignificant thing my daughter had said or done (I don't remember what it was, but it was really trivial). I told him in no uncertain terms that he wasn't coming after my daughter just because his own kid had gotten his butt into a sling (and, yes, I used those words), and that he'd better back off. I didn't know then exactly what his son had done, just that he was in some trouble with the JC. However, I did suggest that I had some doubts about the father's being qualified to be an elder. That may have been what he was worried about, because he never bothered me or my daughter again (in fact, he never spoke to me again, that I can recall). Just as well for him, because I would have gone to the CO (and the Society if necessary) to demand his removal had he continued to hassle my daughter.

  • freedom96

    I have met so many witnesses, and seen them in action with business ethics, or should I say lack of business ethics.

    While they would like to say they are better than the rest of the world, the fact is that people are people, and you will find the same within the witness organization. Nothing is different. Same attitudes, etc.

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