Successes you enjoyed since leaving the Org

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  • Happeanna

    Leaving a high control group is a success in itself! I was third generation JW.

    i enjoy my life to the full even though I didn't fully leave until my early 40's.

    i went to university as a mature student and got my BSc honours degree in Philosophy it was an eye opener and some.

    i have visited nearly all the cathedrals in the UK , they are astonishing in my opinion, I love to hear choirs.

    I go to the theatre and concerts making up for so many lost opportunities.

    I practice yoga and mindfulness.

    All my children and grandchildren are free to live their lives as they wish.

    nothing happened over night , but step by step, life became really good.

    To break free from that evil cult was the most sensible, successful thing I have or shall ever accomplish.

  • dubstepped

    Before officially leaving my wife and I paid off $55,000 in debt in 18 months, making an extra $80,000 or so to clear enough to pay that. That year and a half was a catalyst that gave us the space to think about what we had been taught and to start processing how things didn't add up. We clean houses and did that, by the way, so that was all by the sweat of our brow. We cleaned houses during the day, often house-sat at night for people and watched their pets, detailed cars, cleaned carpet, power washed concrete, sealed a driveway and patio for the first time, just anything we could find to make a buck. Worked 34 days straight at one point, but usually at least 6 days a week. I still can't believe my wife and I did that.

    Since officially leaving I'd say that one accomplishment I'm the proudest of is just making new friends. I always struggled in the Borg to make any friends. I used to be petrified of trying new things and now I go to places where I don't know a person and walk up to perfect strangers and start talking. That is HUGE for me. I have more Facebook friends now than I had as a JW. I have more real life friends too. It is nice to have built a community on our own that we both care about and that cares about us.

    For me this whole thing has just been a perspective change. I only have this one life. Might as well push past my anxiety and fears and do something new even if it terrifies me.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    You all have done beautifully!

    Thank you all for posting your successes, I enjoyed reading them.

    Since leaving the cult, we have been able to see a lot more of our granddaughter and see HER succeeding in school and music. It's the best thing I've ever experienced in my life.

    There has been time to read books I've always wanted to read, and work on my blog (just for my own entertainment). Helped my husband work in our business. Nobody tells us what to do when, except we ourselves - no calls demanding that we go in "service," etc.

    And we don't ever have to go to any kind of religious or cultic meeting. I can't help reminding myself, when I'm exhausted or feeling bad, that at least we didn't have to attend a meeting, LOL!!!

  • zeb

    new friends, no judgements, a lot more accepting of others, helping others. and I can be!

    no longer supporting an org that changes its direction with the wind.

  • jws

    After leaving, I was doing good at my career with a 6 figure salary. I was probably on a somewhat good start when I was a JW, but things got better.

    Also married and had two kids.

    At this point, I would occasionally think how much better things are. And if the JWs could see me, they'd see that leaving didn't have a negative effect.

    But, when the economy tanked, I wound up fighting for my job against outsourcing to India. During this time, my wife decided she didn't want to be married anymore. And after months of agony over the divorce and 4 hours of sleep a night, I lost my job. And as a result of the divorce, I only get to see the kids (who I totally adore) half the time. I spend a long time unemployed until I found new work. And it pays horribly.

    Not interested in having a significant other at the moment.

    But I am still happier than I was as a JW.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once
    I earned a degree and wrote a book. I am on disability but not slaving my time to the Craptower. I am enjoying life and family. Nuff said.
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    jws: It will get better my friend, trust me I have been there.

  • Tallon

    Thank you to all for responding to this discussion.

    It's great to see that each of us in our own way have moved forward with our lives and not wasting away whatever years we have left.

    The main thing is that whatever successes we've achieved are important to ourselves and give us personal satisfaction.

    If anyone else wants to share their successes then please post. We'd like to hear how you've moved forward from the Org.

  • JustinCW

    I have done countless things that I would never have been able to do as a JW. Foremost in my mind is meeting and marrying my husband. We have a plan for our and our children's futures that would not have been possible when I was still in. I also, finally, went back to school so that I can provide for my future family with more than just window washing and house cleaning.

  • jeanniebeanzz

    Dumped abuser and his ridiculous religion, then: Went to college, learned to think critically and logically, found actual decent man and fell in love, married, had beautiful son together, got multiple professional certifications, had a nice career, purchased beautiful home and nice cars, BUT most importantly of all, got my children by my first mistake (marriage) out of that destructive, piece of crap, life destroying, family destroying religion.

    Life has been good since.

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