The Satisfying Decline Of My Old Congregations Donations

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  • pale.emperor

    According to the UK Charity Commission, my old Kingdom Hall is hemorrhaging money and less is coming in. Long may it continue.

    Any ideas what a crappy, run down, shack of a KH spends £49,472.87 on in three years? They were praying for a new hall for about 10 years until Bethel basically stole it off them to build Warwick.

    If you're in the UK, check yours out here:

  • freddo

    My two penn'orth ...

    You can bet your bottom dollar that a five figure or higher sum in the spending column after about 2013 is a sure sign that the "building fund" that the bros and sisters were building up for the refurb of their own hall has been sent to London Bethel for the vanity project at Chelmsford.

    Of course when that has been funded by the sale of the London properties (and then some) and the printing presses finally grind to a halt for the last time and even more deluded bethelites get booted to the kerb - well, then the whole lump sum which will surely be well into the millions will disappear in a puff of smoke to WAR-WICK.

  • John Davis
    John Davis

    Also, the 2015 number is an anomaly. The 2015 number is more in line with the rest of the numbers provided, still a decline but not as big of a decline.

  • westiebilly11

    Locally my old congregation has been dissolved this year and amalgamated with the original congregation. The accounts don't look healthy either...Ominous. (Devon)

  • pale.emperor

    Almost 50 grand though? ouch Watchtower.

    I notice the donations dried up nice since Mrs Wealthy passed away and her non JW sons and daughter made sure her will was in order.

  • Chook

    There is no greater loss of funds than to have multiple lawyers with multiple class actions to drain a religious swamp. I cannot emphasise enough how lawyers drain big big dollars. If their was a ledger that matched the pedo victims compensation to KH sale collections I think the swamp has a hole that is getting bigger by the day. Money and God are like David copperfield and the audiences wallets everyone smiles as the pickpockets feed.

  • Phizzy

    I would love to know what the attendance is at my old Congo, a decade on from when I was in.

    I would be surprised if it has increased much,any increase has come from JW's moving in,not from converts.

  • jwleaks

    Make a formal written complaint to the Charity Commission that you donated money to the JW hall and that there appears to be a six figure misappropriation of charity funds. You will remain anonymous but they won't.

  • darkspilver

    Well, that's kinda depressing - but maybe everyone is just trying to tactfully ignore the elephant

    You appear to have had a bit of a typo with your maths - could be a misplaced decimal point - and also mixed up income and outgoings?

    The TOTAL outgoings for the last three years was £91,234

    You did a three year income/outgoing differance calculation, but seem to have moved the decimal point/s leftwards for the 2015 values?

    £28,592 = Income last three years
    £91,234 = Outgoings last three years
    £62,642 = Difference (NOT £49,472.87)

    For those interested here's the run down for the last 11 years, missing one year, which helps to show the build-up of capital:

    a crappy, run down, shack of a KH

    here it is - used by just one congregation


  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    The bottom line is that every congregation is financially "running on fumes", due to their having to send all monies in excess of 3-6 months running costs to the Branch - as a donation!

    On the subject of donations - bearing in mind that I don't fully comprehend financial statements - it appears that the combined value of the IBSA and WTBTS in the U.K. (assets & cash) exceed £259m. (over $330m)

    As such, J.W.'s in the U.K. should be asking their elders why donations are continually being requested to help fund the new Britain Branch at Chelmsford. It's anyone's guess how much it will actually cost, but considering the data, it doesn't take an Einstein to figure out that it will be a helluva lot less than £260m!

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