What we did when attending a dry JW wedding reception.

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  • smiddy3

    Many years ago when the wife and I were still active we attended a friends wedding reception at a top class licensed restaurant in the CBD ,we were close friends with the bride and her family .Apparently the grooms parents decided it was going to be a dry reception with no alcohol to be served.

    As i said we were close friends with the brides parents an elder & " elderette" and they certainly liked a drink or two or three etc.

    I asked the bartender for a drink for my wife & myself and was told it was a dry session & no alcohol was to be served as the grooms father was putting the bill.

    So I said to the bartender I am quite happy to pay my own way for the drinks regardless ,so i got served while everybody else had to sit through a dry session.

    And these were well off people trying to make a statement .

    Bloody wowsers.

  • sir82

    In my experience, the most common solution to "dry weddings" was sneaking out to the parking lot to imbibe in the bottle or 4 of vodka, gin, etc. that folks brought with them.

  • fulano

    That's why gentlemen use hip flasks.

  • zeb

    There was a series of wt's that went into the very topic of alcohol and how you might stumble someone etc etc . I recall on many occasions hearing 'you cant do that in case you stumble some one; I got sick of hearing about others who could be (so they lead us) so easily ...'stumbled'.

    There were a number of these studies done down the years I guess it might have been a direct reflection of what was going on in Bethel at the time that we in the pre internet age knew nought of.

    Alcohol? I can take it or leave it.

  • pale.emperor

    I remember my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary in 1993. My dads parents. They paid for the entire thing - the venue, the food and ALL the alcohol. We had the idea of taking turns working behind the bar (it was all bottles and boxes of wine).

    Being JWs this should have been a good idea. What could possibly go wrong?

    We ran out of booze after about 3 hours. Which meant my dad and his brothers went to the office license to buy more booze. How did we manage to get through so much?

    Turned out, some "brothers" had took cases of beer and wine and put them in the boot of their cars. My dad hit the roof when he found out. My grandparents were annoyed but didn't want to "rock the boat".

    That was the last time my family bought all the alcohol for a party. From then on we'd hire a venue with their own bar staff. Such a shame because we used to have great parties before this incident.

  • tiki

    I recall a dry one we attended...they had only fruit crackers and cheese also. No meal...and the parents of the bride were quite well off....grooms parents seemed well off but were rabid tax evaders that the irs eventually tracked down. Anyway our table assignment...we were all pretty hungry and appalled...esp because the bride was almost a hour late to the ceremony...so I said lets go to the grocery store and all come back to my place and eat. And so we did and had a grand time...with booze too.

  • tiki

    Another dry wedding memory....it was a potluck style reception. However 90% of the sisters who were supposed to bring food came emptyhanded. There was literally nothing to eat. So another sis and I went around and collected $$$ and went to the store and got big deli platters...salad stuff..rolls, etc. Of course my hubby and me footed the most of the bill as donations were sparse. That was one of the ....if not the most worst weddings in history.

    Years later I heard the bride ran off with the po or cobe as they call them now....

  • tiki

    Pale empp.....your thieves remind me of the bro that after a big eatout for which they snookered my husband into paying for....all out in parking lot and this idiot has to go back...he " forgot" something. Went back to steal the tip. My friend in the bathroom coming out saw him do it. They may claim moral standards, but think everything belongs to them. Creeps..

  • ShirleyW
    at a top class licensed restaurant in the CBD

    The what? This is the first time in a while my main gripe about social media and such has popped up, even if I goggle CBD, you know what's gonna come up, so arrggghhhh . . .

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    I've attended lots of dry weddings where I live. I always came prepared with a flask and a backup in the car!

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